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Energy Service Programs  

Gaining insight about how consumers use energy is important to both utilities and government agencies alike.  That knowledge helps utilities plan and develop programs that will give them a competitive edge in today's marketplace.  And it helps government agencies determine where to focus their efforts to help meet energy and greenhouse gas targets. 

EnerSys's utility and government clients have relied on our energy analysis experience and expertise.  We help them establish and evaluate their energy programs and perform energy code assessement and load research.

Program Support and Evaluation 

EnerSys has helped design, implement and support utility value-added customer services. We provide core, technical support to verify energy savings for both the overall program and the program participants.  Find out more about the programs we have supported.

Code Assessment and Load Research

Through energy modelling and analysis, we have helped assess energy usage patterns and the implications of proposed energy codes.  The results of our projects have helped our clients make informed decisions about their energy programs.  Find out more about our research efforts.