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Even Keel: Being balanced, as a ship is floating on its designated waterline and the keel is horizontal; to have a calm even disposition.

Even Keel is a six piece ensemble built on the concept of a “Band within a band” who’s experienced pro-level musicians have come together to back the smooth vocal stylings of Melissa Mulder-Albertson. Their smooth blend of jazzy grooves, blues and pop form an urban adult contemporary sound that is as unique as it is enjoyable to listen to.

Even Keel’s original songs and jazzy renditions of classic covers such as “Summertime” and Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” are unique and grooving, and will definitely have you up and dancing.

Created by members of popular local bands and session players with years of experience, Even Keel can provide a host of musical entertainment from full band for dancing and entertainment, to background jazz quartet or string ensemble. We even have our own resident DJ and sound techs to keep that party hoppin’!

Focused on being a fresh alternative to the mundane and ordinary, Even Keel’s sole aim is a great performance every time, and with every song, that will leave you wanting more. And with high-end professional gear and PA system, Even Keel’s well balanced blend of genres will create the smooth grooving urban style and sound that you’re looking for - perfect for any venue or occasion. 

Even Keel - Move beyond ordinary.

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