In Memory of Shirley Case

                                                1977 - 2008

On the NW 24-1-12-W2 or, Latitude 49.057118N and Longitude -103.488289W, elevation 595m, there is a memory stone for our friend, Shirley Case. This stone is also in memory of Nicole Dial and Jacqueline Kirk, who died with Shirley.  See the image below from Google Earth.

The memory site is a natural native Prairie area with a wonderful abundance of flora and fauna.  This site is owned and protected by Shirley's friends, Hugh and Heather Schnell, of Torquay, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

On this hill is a rock formation that marks the beginning of the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. These markers are all aligned for the sunrises on the annual Solstice and Equinoxes.  A magnetic direction marker is the center of this alignment. 

The huge stone for Shirley, Nicole and Jackie radiates the beauty just as the sun rises above the earth's horizon. Sitting on this stone, you can see for up to 60 kilometers. The smell of the flora is intoxicating.  Tears form in your eyes as you reflect and thank God for the chance to have been a small part of their lives. 

A simple card is placed that reads "Keep God smiling and laughing Shirley Case." 

If anyone should care to visit this beautiful site, please come and visit us.  We are just a stone's throw away.

If you wish to leave a comment or a remembrance note about Shirley, please do so below.


Hugh & Heather Schnell

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