If you don't see the Test Pane: (it may take a minute to load) Make sure you are using at least Netscape 6, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 5. You must also have installed Java. If you have not installed java (or are not sure) go to:


1 First you are presented with the front of the card. Study it, then hit the ENTER or SPACE key (or press the 'Flip Card' button with the mouse) to flip to the back of the card and see if you were right.
2 If you were right then hit the BACKSPACE key (or press the 'Memorized' button with the mouse) to remove that card from the test. 
3 If you were wrong, hit the ENTER key again (or press the 'Unmemorized' button with the mouse). This card will remain in the test and you will be presented with the next card. 
4 Once you have seen every card in the deck, the test will start again but only the cards you set as 'Unmemorized' will be included. In this way, you will not waste time with the cards you have already memorized