Never lose another mark because of your memorization.

So, you need to memorize stuff... Spanish vocabulary, legal definitions, anatomy, biology, technical terms, geography etc. In the past, you would have written these things out on index cards with the term/question on the front, and the definition/answer on the back. A simple and elegant solution.

Flashcard Suite is the digital version of this very idea. Unlike other flashcard programs which overly complicate this simple idea by offering a pile of options and features that you will never use, Flashcard Suite sticks to the same principles that made the paper version so popular: It's easy to use, and you can quickly create your decks.

Flashcard Suite combines a fast, efficient editor with an elegant testing program allowing you to enter many cards into your electronic deck in a minimum amount of time. In addition, Flashcard Suite allows you to create a deck and publish it on the Internet so that your students, friends, classmates, etc. can test your deck from any current browser.

Minimum Requirements:

 Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, UNIX, or Any other Java-enabled platform

The Editor

The Editor is designed, above all, to allow for fast entry of words. All common tasks can be done without ever touching a mouse, allowing the user to enter many items in a very short span of time. Almost any font that can be displayed can be used. Text size, color, and alignment are all user selectable.

The Test Pane

The Test Pane is also designed to be efficient and easy to use and like the editor, all common tasks can be done without ever touching the mouse.

The Test Pane allows you to test all of the cards in your deck. Once you have memorized a card it is removed from the deck, allowing you to focus on the cards you have trouble with.

You can choose to test either the front of the deck, or the back. Every time you have gone through the whole deck of cards the tester will reshuffle to ensure you are not dependent on the order.

You can test the whole deck of cards, a specific range (eg. only the cards 41-60) or you can have the tester pick any number of cards at random.

The Internet Publisher

The Internet Publisher enables you to make webpages of any of your decks in just a few mouse-clicks. Admittedly, this is the one part of the program that requires a little bit of technical prowess as you need to have access to your own internet server and know how to access it.

The good news is that Flashcard Suite automatically creates all the webpages that you will need. All you have to do is place them on the server.

Once all of the webpages are uploaded to the server, all you have to do to start the test is enter the Internet address (eg. into a Java-enabled web-browser like Intenet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox to bring up the Tester panel.

You can even share the address with your students or friends so that they can test themselves on your decks without needing to own a copy of Flashcard Suite. Some sample decks are available here.