Flashcard Suite v1.4.4   No Longer For Sale

Thankyou to all who have purchased and used Flashcard Suite for the last 10 years. Unfortunately we are not longer developing Flashcard Suite so as a result we will not longer be selling it

You can, however, still register copies that you have previously purchased and it is still available for Download

How to Register

You receive your Registration Number when you Purchase Flashcard Suite.

How to Enter you Registration Number

After you have installed the Evaluation version of Flashcard Suite, you must enter your Registration number to remove the 10-card maximum. You wil receive your Registration number by email after you pay. You then enter this number in the window that appears when you press the 'Enter Number' button (see picture below).

Note: If you do not see this window, quit Flashcard Suite and restart it. It will be the first window you see as the program starts up.