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Nancy lives and works in her East Vancouver community by Burrard inlet. She is inspired by observing plants, colour relationships and patterns in the natural systems that she discovers while in the garden and working in the gardens of others. Studying the soil and investigating botanical and biological structures inform her studio exploration. Her passion for plants and training in sculpture create a symbiotic relationship while she continues to explore the balance of Art and Science

Ecological Landscape design -Gaia College
Belize Botanic Gardens Volunteer
Organic Master Gardener - Gaia College
Green roof 1000 - BCIT
Permaculture Design - Pacific Permaculture
Backyard Chickeneer
Community Arts & Science Youth Volunteer
Jewellery Explorations - Continuing Education
Advanced Foundry Studio - Capilano Institute
Honours Sculpture Major -ECUAD Alumni

Nancy majored in sculpture and received a Certificate of Merit while at Emily Carr College of Art & Design. She researched moldmaking techniques and developed unique methods of casting handmade paper, creating three dimensional figures and form. After graduating in 1987, she was a pioneer in a trend of casting masks and limited editions of paper reliefs for high-profile West Coast artists. She was also employed sculpting plaster, making rubber molds and wax patterns for large bronzes.


attention to detail at the Nursery, in the garden and studio

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let's create urban habitat for our pollinators and birds
ecological garden design means different plants for different sites
so many shades of green...colour and texture for every season... finding the right plant for the right place is what it's all about
healthy soil grows healthy plants...feed the microbes, save seeds...let the chickens eat the weeds
fiddlehead designs is where art meets garden...'stigma or style'- romneya coulterii...'looking in'- asclepias..aster...aesculus hippocastanum
'hummingbird rests' sculpture of copper, silver & bone...feed them with flowers year round