Faucet Spray Screen Cleaning

Information is provided on how to
clean a spray screen on a kitchen faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Screen

Kitchen Faucet.

Kitchen Sink Faucet
Aerator Strainer Screen

Most kitchen sink faucets have a strainer
screen as part of the aerator and straining
device. In time, this screen will eventually
plug up with mineral, lime and other
deposits, reducing or stopping the flow of
water. Particles that lodge in the strainer
screen can become a place for bacteria to
grow. If you have an inline water filter in
place, during the change of a carbon filter,
the flushing may dislodge some loose
carbon particles in the filter wash, and end
up in the strainer screen. Clean the
strainer screen every time you change
the carbon water filter.

Symptoms of a dirty aerator are poor water
pressure, and irregular spray pattern of the
water spray.

Kitchen Faucet Strainer
Screen Cleaning Instructions

The tools needed to clean the strainer
screen are pliers, masking tape, old tooth
brush, and white vinegar.

Plug the drain so no small parts will
drop into the drain. You do not need to
turn off the water supply to clean the
strainer screen, do not run the water
while working on the faucet.

Wrap the aerator device with
masking tape to prevent scratches to the
finish. Unscrew the aerator device
located on the end of the faucet, the
strainer screen is located within the
aerator device. Use a slip-joint,
channel-lock pliers, or vise grip pliers to
remove. looking from the bottom up,
turn it anti-clockwise to remove, watch
for a small spring and parts behind the
aerator device. Place the strainer parts,
screen, and spring in order on a piece
of paper towel. For high mineral content,
soak the parts in white vinegar for
several minutes before brushing with
an old tooth brush.

Use an old tooth brush to scrub
out the screen and wash with plenty
of water.

To place the unit back on the faucet,
reverse the procedure of removing the unit.
Note the small pointed end of small spring
goes in first.

Strainer unit, pliers and
tapered spring


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