Mattock a Useful Tool

Information and instructions are
provided on how to use and
sharpen your mattock.

Mattock All Season Tool

Use of the Mattock, a Great Tool.

mattock or grub axe

Mattock, An Excellent
All Season Tool

The mattock has uses in all seasons. It has
an axe like cutter- blade for chopping tree
roots, dirt, ice, and for digging. Its one
piece construction makes a perfect balance
in average strength hands.
The mattock also has a broad chisel like
blade perpendicular to the handle making it
an effective adz for hoeing gardens and
flower patches.

The mattock is an excellent tool for working
with lawns. When you need to peel some
lawn back to raise or lower the dirt below,
the mattock works great. To lift sections of
grass, use an lawn edger tool and cut strips
about 8 to 12 inches wide and simple cut
beneath with the mattock, then simply lift
the portions up, using the same tool.

To use this tool place both hands
comfortably onto the handle. Place one
hand at the very end of the handle, the
other hand goes 1/3 to 1/2 way down the
handle, grip the handle with your thumbs
facing towards the blade and find the best
balance point for you. Keep your feet well
out of the way. When the tool is properly
sharpened, light well placed blows is all
that is required. Everyone should own one
of these marvelous tools.

In the wintertime, it is a great tool for
chopping grooves into the ice to guide the
water from melting snow. It is also works
very well in breaking up melting rotten ice
on a driveway in the Spring.

The mattock can easily chop through 2 inch
roots. It is an excellent tool for trenching,
such as trenches for sprinkler systems.
The mattock can lever out rocks and
objects in the soil with ease. The mattock
can break very hard soil, chop roots, even
chop through asphalt and old concrete.

This tool can be sharpened either with a
bench grinder or by using a file, see the
above picture. Sharpen the axe side, from
both sides at about 25 to 30 degrees.
Sharpen the broad chisel like blade in the
same manner as a wood chisel.
Sharpen the one inside edge only, the side
towards the handle, follow the existing
contour on the blade. If you have a vise,
use this to hold the handle, while you
sharpen with a file.


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