Mike Harris & Frank McTighe




2006 Fort Macleod Chiropractic Triathlon Race Pictures


Instead of selling individual pictures, we are selling the digital image file (digital negative).

This way you can make as many copies as you like at your favourite  photo finisher!

$20.00 for your first image file

$5.00 for each additional file of yourself

The images below are a thumbnail size, click for full size samples 1 2 3 4


To order, follow these instructions:


1) Right click on the image you wish to order, and click on "Properties"

2) Under the "Address (URL)" section, write down the 4 digit JPG file number of the picture(s) you wish to purchase.

3) Email your order to mhphoto@telus.net or snail mail to the address below.

4) Payment methods: PayPal (skycam41@yahoo.ca), Cash, Cheque or Money Order. Mail to Mike Harris Box 1385, Fort Macleod AB T0L-0Z0. Cheques payable to "Mike Harris" Be sure to include your name, phone # and email address.  Your order will be emailed as soon as payment is received.

5) You will receive by email, the full digital image file, free of any copyrights. You are then free to do as you please with your file :) Please note that these images are taken with high quality Canon DSLR cameras and the file size may be up to 4mb in size.