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The Abstract Work: What You See

The intent behind this body of work is to free the image from the critical construction of the individual and/or cultural aesthetic we are informed by.

To leave behind the language, the intellect, the story and surrender to the spaciousness between line and form, element and texture, colour and the emotional imaginings we bring.

By eliminating the dialogue, the naming and the desire to pin the image to the canvas, an organic, natural integrity of connection emerges.

Rocks and feathers juxtaposed with space and line collide and weave to evoke and inquire, to open and emerge, to begin to introduce the viewer to an idea we all take in different directions.

It is at this point we can surrender to the unveiling of our own story in relation to the images we conjure.

18 Rocks
Light Unifinished
Red Feather
What Lies Behind
South Western Sigh
Green and Gold
Liquid Smoke
Tree Me
Ten Rocks
Elongated Rocks
Light Within
Light Without
Refracted Light
I am a tiny powerhouse, and so are you
Some days I feel like a sparkly Unicorn. Other days? deglitterized Unicorn poop.
Some days the unicorns win. Some days it’s all mad unicorns
I’m so glad you were born