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Figurative Artist Statement

The figures in these pieces are deliberately ambiguous. They are wimmin and men, children and adults, angels and spirits, creatures of the forest, animals from the city. Many of the subjects are born from natural elements, rooted to the ground they are supported and bloom, or nestle in the security of the organic. Surrounded by the potential isolation and alienation of society, the spirits in these pieces commune with the natural world and derive pleasure and peace from connection to a higher place and their inner play.

In these works representation is constantly in flux. The images hold multiple meanings: the boats are nests, the hands morph into wings and the figures both land and fly away simultaneously. Connection, community, electric colour and the construction of home in a fragmented world, pull the pieces together to divine a magical, playful underworld of animated, utopian creatures whose resistance is embodied in their experience of joy.

Tadassana - Mountain Pose
Love Birds
Vancouver Springs
Lovers in Hand
Womyn with Sky in her Hair
Moonlight Swim
Post Modern Hope Of House Is Home
Before & After: Two Set Sail
Forest Play
Caridan Love
Forest Play
Tub Love
Two Angels
Rasta Embrace