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The Familiars Artist Statement

In this body of work it is not my attempt to re-create a realist or impressionist exploration of the image.

Rather, it is my hope that the viewer is met with an invitation inward. A familiar, accessible and tangible image draws the audience closer to a place they may remember. And yet, the schism between the ease of the known image and the provocative inquiry necessary to engage with the unknown distortions and textures of the paint, belies the creative tension between two worlds and deconstructs our relationship and access to nature and the environment.

Here in lies the place where the possibility for enlivened curiosity can inform the postmodern image.

The Familiar series offers up the idea of the imagined landscape. Fragmented and overlaid with abstraction, markings, textures and a seemingly impossible juxtaposition of colours - my hope is the image undulates, shape shifts and the viewer is left with entry points in, out and back in.

The Familiar series calls for a deconstruction of the relationship between the external and internal landscape within us all. What is familiar to us and what shape shifts with the light? What can we name within and what landmarks do we use to guide us? When we recollect, what ephemeral forms do our memories take? Do we have a map of how we got here? And, can we paint it for those we love to follow?

Constructed Familiar
Familiar Diptych Right
Familiar Diptych Left
Evoke Familiar
Familiar Sky
Field Familiar
Sea Familiar
Disrupted Familiar
Echo Familiar
Familiar Consideration
Familiar Reply
Familiar Resound
Familiar Return
Reckon Familiar
Suppose Familiar
Haliburton Familiar
Familiar Castings