The Hammond Game Getter is a re-usable, field-assembled cartridge adapter that takes only seconds to prepare. The cartridge adapter is assembled as illustrated above and loaded in your rifle chamber just like a regular cartridge. Make sure to use BLANK .22 caliber cartridges only, the ones designed for explosive actuated tools (available at most hardware stores). NEVER use regular .22 caliber ammunition or starter pistol blanks. If the firing pin of your gun strikes off center, rotate the adapter so the rim of the blank is struck. Mark the top of the adapter for future chambering.

Discharged blanks can be removed with your finger nail or knife blade.

Lead projectiles for the Hammond Game Getter as adapted for your rifle caliber can easily be made from buck shot, muzzleloading lead round balls or lead billets (cylinders) by using the metal swage provided in your kit. A lead projectile slightly larger in diameter than your caliber (see Buck Shot Sizes above) is forced from the larger hole through the smaller hole of the swage with a punch and hammer. The swage should be lightly lubricated with oil or grease and supported over a hole in a short piece of wood to allow the bullet to exit. The punch can be made from a hardwood dowel or metal provided it does not bind in the swage.


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