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It is our pleasure to host you in Canada and make your stay as enjoyable as possible while you study, and interact with Canadians.

Our contract defines the terms of agreement between you, the homestay student, and your homestay hosts.

Please read the contract carefully. By signing this contract, you agree to the terms and conditions therein.

Please ensure you understand this document and, if necessary, seek out a translation service or assistance from others.

Obligations of the Homestay Host

By way of this contract, the homestay host agrees to:

1. Welcome the homestay student as a member of the family.
2. Invite the student on family outings (picnics, camping, travel, etc.).
3. Provide clean, comfortable accommodations to the student.
4. Provide furnished accommodation in a private, single room as defined in this contract.
5. Provide a house key and security access codes for the student
6. Provide adequate & nutritious food as defined in this contract.
7. Provide transportation for the home stay student to and from the airport.
8. Provide the student with a copy of the house rules.
9. Provide easy access to a washroom.
10. Sign and discuss the contract & obligations with the student upon arrival.

Obligations of the Homestay Student

By way of this contract, the homestay student agrees to:

1. Abide by the laws of Canada and your home country.
2. Respect the host, their family, and all property.
3. Follow the house rules defined by the host.
4. Have current and complete medical coverage while in Canada.
5. Participate in activities, and have fun with your hosts.
6. Abide by the requirements of your school or institution.
7. Inform the home stay host of any allergies, medication, and special needs
8. Provide complete contact information in Canada, as well as in your home country.
9. Pay the fees on time, as defined in this contract.
10. Sign and discuss the contract & obligations with the homestay host upon arrival.

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*These documents were authored by Kyle Geddes and are offered for use in the public domain.
You are free to use them in whole, or in part, so long as you allow others to do the same with works you have made from these ones.