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*NEW* A Memorial Page for my Wife Ingrid who passed away on April 7, 2008.

Here is a collection of articles that I have written over the years. Keep checking back as I will be adding many more articles. Near the top of every page is a link that opens a printable version in a fresh window with black text on a white background and no extraneous links. Enjoy...

Who I Am is a brief biography of who I am, first published in the Rose Hybridizers Association Newsletter, Spring 2006.

Custom Rose Naming discusses the logistics of having a rose named after a loved one, a deceased family member or other person. I will consider special requests on a case-by-case basis.

Mini Growing Tips covers several aspects of getting newly purchased minis off to the right start.

Future Miniature Gems is an article first published by the Rose Exhibitors’ Forum in Summer of 1998.

Introducing 'Ingrid' This article about my mini-flora rose 'Ingrid' was first published by ROSES CANADA. Nov. 2005 issue and is reprinted here with permission.

"Own Root Cuttings Setup Q&A" is the companion to my new gallery on the same subject and the page "Own Root Setup Gallery Explanatory Text" gives the descriptions of all 30 images on one page.

"Rose Rage interviews George Mander" This article covers many tips on hybridizing, raising seedlings etc. and has the most comprehensive information of any article on this site and is ideal reading for the beginning hybridizer. (reproduced by permission)

"How it All Began" describes my introduction to roses and hybridizing.

"Canadian White Star Story" is about the first hybridized rose of mine that was introduced in 1986.

"The 'Canadian White Star' Postage Stamp Story" describes the events leading up to the issue of the "Canadian Rose Stamp Collection".

"Breeding for Disease Resistance" describes my 25 years of experimentation. (on roses, of course!)

"German Rose Trials" talks about the rigorous testing that new German roses must undergo.

"Performing Rose Weddings" How many of you out there have heard of this one?

Three Answers to "What is a Rose Wedding"

"A Germination Explosion!" How to slow down or stop seedlings from germinating - no kidding! What for...? (just read the article)

"Cuttings from Cuttings, from Cuttings..." relates my experience in making cuttings - the primitive way.

"From Western Canada to Shreveport" tells of a four day journey with Glowing Amber.

"A New Sport Star" explains how 'Amber Star', the first sport of 'Glowing Amber', was discovered and propagated.

"The Sports of Glowing Amber" describes my difficulties in isolating 'Amber Sun', a sport of 'Glowing Amber' discovered in England.

"Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe" is one of Germany's famous rose gardens visited by many North-American rosarians.

George Mander
May 2008