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This photo of me in Kassel, Germany was taken
by a newspaper reporter in November, 1979

In the background, you can see the famous landmark in “Park Kassel Wilhelmshöhe” called Schloss Wilhelmshöhe (castle). Below on both sides of the lake (called LAC) and on the far left you can just see the edge of the “ROSEN INSEL”(Rose Island) which is the well known “Rose Garden of Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe”.

Just 50 yards back from where this photo was taken was my parents home. I grew up here, right in what is known as “Europe's largest Mountain Park”.

The roses in the picture frame are ‘Canadian White Star', but at the time they were still unnamed. The Wilhelmshöhe Rose Garden was just being replanted with hundreds of new varieties at that time by local rosarians, and I even helped plant some of the roses during my visit. The roses we planted, happened to be the variety ‘Kassel’, Lcl, Kordes,1957 , located right across the “LAC” towards the left.

George Mander
August 2001


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