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Custom Rose Naming

I have been asked many times about naming of a rose and have decided to include the information on my web-site.

Naming a rose or having a rose named after you is like buying an everlasting gift. After I have hybridized a new rose, and it proves to look promising, it still takes about five years of testing before a rose is ready to be named and sold. I have been hybridizing roses for 37 years and have registered nearly 30 varieties so far and some have been named after people.

Choose a name for your rose and I will handle all the required paperwork to register it with the International Cultivar Registration Authority - Roses (or IRAR). Once the name is accepted it will be forever listed internationally. Every few years, a new Modern Roses encyclopedia is published and your named rose, with its full description, will be listed in it. You can also find roses registered on the website of “HelpMeFind Roses” (HMF). See the link to HMF on my Galleries page.

Recently, I submitted a registration application for a man in the USA who is having a rose named after his wife. "She was so thrilled," he said, and "It's the greatest gift she's ever had." He also wrote, “Home Run!!! I showed her the pictures tonight and she was so excited."

You could name a rose after yourself if you like, but it would sure make The Ultimate Gift, especially as a tribute to a deceased family member or loved one, or to commemorate the birth of a new baby for example. Anyone interested in naming a rose can contact me through my website.

Note that at commercial rose firms in the USA, you will generally not get a rose named for under $10,000. For example, a big rose firm in California charges $75,000, another US firm’s fees are upwards of $12,500 and one firm in New Zealand charges $30,000 US. In the UK, naming a rose which has commercial potential could run £10,000 or higher as well. These fees are readily verified by searching the web.

Rose Naming Fees (prices in Canadian dollars)

  • Miniature Roses are $4,000.
  • Climbing miniature roses are $4,500.
  • Mini-Floras are $4,500.
    (Note: “Mini-Flora” is a NEW class where blooms and foliage are larger than Miniatures, but smaller than Floribundas. These are called “Patio Roses” in the UK)
  • Floribundas are $5,000.
  • Fees for bigger roses, like Hybrid-Teas, Climbing Hybrid-Teas, Climbing Floribundas and Shrub Roses are $6,000.

As stated, I will do all the required paperwork and will then supply 10 plants of the named and chosen rose variety for you the following year. Currently, new roses still to be named are being tested and propagated by nurseries in Canada & Europe since 2005.

When naming a rose after a person, an authorization statement (I have the forms available) has to be signed by a family member or next-of-kin. This could be a husband, wife, daughter or brothers or sisters. Contact me for more details on this. Once the authorization is received, I fill out the Registration Application details and send it together with the authorization statement to the IRAR.

Once you choose a specific rose that I have available, I will ask you for a deposit amounting to 30% of the total cost, before sending the application papers away to the IRAR. The timing to pay the balance will be negotiated. As of 2005, I can now submit the registration applications online, however the authorization statement still has to be mailed to the IRAR.

One Final Note

I am not in the business of naming roses for or after others, but only provide this service upon special requests which I will consider on a case-by-case basis. In the last 5 years I have had numerous inquiries from individuals wanting to name one of my rose hybrids after a loved one or deceased family member and once even had a company wanting a rose to be named after a winery. In the past I have spent countless hours emailing out pages of information as well as photos of about half a dozen unnamed roses of mine that I had available. In the end, many never even replied after their initial inquiry, or subsequently informed me that they can not afford my fee which is, as I noted above, less than half what others charge for this service.

Consequently, in the future I will not provide free information and photos about specific roses available to be named - I will now ask for an up-front deposit of $500. In the event that the person making the request cannot find the colour or class of rose he or she is looking for, I will happily refund $400 of this initial deposit if an agreement cannot be reached.

George Mander
October 2007