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Three Answers to "What is a Rose Wedding?"

I challenged Ms. PJ LaRue, a Consulting Rosarian from Campbell, Texas with the question "What is a rose wedding?" and told her that she has three tries to get the right answer. These three wonderful responses are what she came up with:

  1. Another name might be a "Wedding of Two Roses". This is where two different roses are "joined in matrimony" (aka--male pollinating female) by a Reverend (aka--the hybridizer). The "wedding" of these two roses creates a "child" (aka--a new rose). Mom Rose and Dad Rose live happily ever after, the child grows into a beautiful specimen of its own, and Reverend Hybridizer smiles at the beauty of what he/she has joined together.

  2. When roses are used exclusively in a wedding for decoration, effect, and beautification.

  3. When two "rose nuts" get married and invite all of their other rose friends, who, in turn bring all kinds and manner of roses to the joining.

The article "Performing Rose Weddings" explains why I asked this question in the first place.

George Mander
August 2001