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New!  Some images of (the few) famous hybridizers that I've photographed. The photos of Dr. Toru Onodera were scanned and cropped from prints supplied by Mrs. Keiko Watanabe. The photo of the 'Nozomi' Bolo-Tie was taken by my son Michael. The notes for the photos of Dr. Onodera contain a link to this more detailed article about these images as well.

George Mander
February 2007

*Notes about these galleries

Mini-Flora 'Ingrid' Gallery
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This Mini-Flora ‘Ingrid’ Rose Gallery is dedicated to my wife Ingrid on our 46th wedding anniversary in January 2006. Almost all of the photos of the ‘Ingrid’ roses were taken during 2004 and 2005 with my Olympus C-4040 digital camera. Have fun looking at the many different images!

There are some earlier photos with black poster-board where the background is rather mottled and grey but all the latest photos were taken with a much nicer black velvet background. Finally, the latest photos come first in the gallery and the oldest are last.

For more information about this rose, see my article: Introducing ‘Ingrid’

This rose has just been introduced in Oct/Nov 2005 by Hortico Inc. in Ontario, Canada. You can also find info and images of the ‘Ingrid’ rose on the HelpMeFind Roses web-site. Click on the HelpMeFind logo below, which will then list all my rose varieties hybridized since I started in 1969.

George Mander
January 2006

Own Root Cuttings Setup Gallery with detailed comments and info for each of the 30 images.

I have spent some significant time updating and adding images and information to the "HelpMeFind Roses" website. I have added over 260 new photos with descriptions and/or information for each photo and breeders comments to the following roses : Mini-Flora 'Ingrid', 'Ingrid Mander-Fuchs', Amber Sunset, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Canadian Northlight, Canadian White Star, Glowing Amber, Golden Beryl, MANpurple, MANpurpearl, Orange Sunset, Scarlet Pearl & Shades of Pink.

Click on the following logo to link directly into an alphabetical listing of my IRAR registered roses on HelpMeFind:

Click for a thumbnail gallery of all the images I have put on HelpMeFind Roses...
or if you want to go directly to the "HelpMeFind Roses" home page, click [here].

The rose galleries on this site still need lots of work and I am patiently waiting for my son to find some time for a big update! Soon, you will see a revision to these galleries and they will be changed to the same format as my new "Own Root Cuttings Setup" gallery above.

For now, you are still invited to check out several of the galleries in their very early stages. There is much work to be done but hopefully it's a hint of things to come...

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Hybrid Tea Rose Gallery

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Check out the Site Info page to find out if things have changed since you last visited.

George Mander
February 2005