Notes on Gallery Navigation

When you view the individual images in the gallery, you can click the magnifier near the top right of each image for a larger view in a new window or you can click the page icon near the top left of each image for the image description in a new window. On the thumbnail page, you can also click on the page number (shown between the previous and next buttons) to switch to that page directly. Here is a brief description of the controls:

Move to previous page or image
Move to next page or image
Back to thumbnail index page
Open description in a new window
Open a larger view in new window
Send me an email about this image

Remote Gallery Server Info

Due to the number of images in this gallery, they are being hosted by my son on an alternate web-server.

While he strives to keep this server up 24/7, it could be offline occasionally for brief periods due to unreliable network conditions, software updates, image gallery updates or even the very occasional power failure. If a gallery seems to be offline, please try back again later - thanks.

If you notice that this gallery is down, please email me and let me know...

George Mander
January 2006

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