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"Tony's Gold" is the new website from my friend Tony Denton showing his initial efforts at hybridizing. It is still in the early stages of construction and features mainly miniature roses.

*NEW* "Country-Flowers" is a website by Rolf Sievers, a hybridizer friend in Germany. He has been hybridizing roses for over 30 years and lately has begun hybridizing Lilies. Mostly written in German, but some English descriptions for varieties.

"Organic Rose Gardening" is a website devoted to supplying tips, tricks and advice on growing roses the organic way, without using harmful chemicals.

"Home & Garden Construction Pro" is a website that generously offers, in their words, a free booklet called "The Gardening Manual". Far from being a mere booklet, this is a massive 367 page PDF manual with a huge amount of advice on all things related to landscaping and gardening, with whole chapters devoted to specific classes of plants. Worth a look!

"Daves Garden" is a website "For Gardeners... by gardeners" with discussion forums, a massive plant database with huge numbers of images and much more!

Paul Barden's "Blue Roses Page": For only one lonely day in 2002,
on April Fools, Paul's Roses turned blue!!

"Old Garden Roses and Beyond" is a very comprehensive web site by Paul Barden. It is one of the most informative rose related web sites that I have ever come across.

Paul Barden's April 2002 Edition of 'Old Garden Roses and Beyond' features an article I wrote about my hybridizing career.

Review of 'Glowing Amber' by Paul Barden.

"The Rosebank Letter" tells all about this Canadian rose bimonthly (my favorite Canadian rose publication), its subscription rates, articles and its editor and publisher.

"" is Bob Martin's page with up-to-date U.S. rose show information and many interesting links.

"CybeRose & Bulbs" is Karl King's web page from California. A very interesting web site which is not only about roses and hybridizing, but also features many other ornamental plants as well. There is also a wealth of information about Genetics and Heredity. Check it out...

"" is singer, songwriter and artist Buffy Sainte-Marie's own web site. There are many interesting areas including pages with her digital artwork, discography and links to The Nihewan Foundation, which is a non-profit corporation founded by Buffy Sainte-Marie in 1969. Programs include Scholarships, Teacher Training, the Cradleboard Teaching Project, and the Youth Council on Race. is a searchable database of over 7,150 roses & 2,500 photos.

HelpMeFind Roses has almost 40,000 roses listed in their database!

Socorro Roses is Mack Stephen's website with lots of roses and many of other items of interest.

"Sublime Photography by Mike Mander" is my son's web site showcasing his photography of B.C., Oregon, Utah and Arizona. He loves the Desert Southwest and has travelled there often over the years.

"Google" is simply the best Internet search engine that I have ever used. If it's out there, Google will find it! Of course, I'm sure you already knew about it...

Associations and Societies

The Rose Hybridizers Association

The Vancouver Rose Society (in British Columbia, Canada)

The Canadian Rose Society

The American Rose Society

The Rose Society of Western Australia

The Royal National Rose Society (in England)

The Tees-Side Rose Society (in England)

The West Midlands Rose Society (in England)

Nurseries Selling my Roses

Select Roses, near Vancouver, B.C., Canada is generally the first nursery to introduce any new roses of mine and they now carry several of my miniature roses and will be introducing my NEW Mini-Flora 'Ingrid' in spring of 2006. Search for more Ingrid info on their web-site. Established in 1990, Select Roses is a farm-style nursery/greenhouse specializing in the hybridizing and growing of beautiful garden roses. Their website allows online ordering of roses and features detailed descriptions of the varieties they sell. They can be contacted at or phone them at 604-530-5786. The owner of Select Roses Nursery, Brad Jalbert, has been very helpful in introducing and promoting my new rose varieties and I thank him very much for his efforts!

Two Sisters Roses is a mail order nursery specializing in old, new and unusual roses. Two Sisters Roses brings you the widest selection from the best hybridizers. They are carrying several of my miniature roses and bring you just about every class of roses. Here are my varieties which they carry: The HT Canadian White Star, the floribunda Scarlet Pearl as well as the miniatures Glowing Amber, Amber Star, Amber Sunset, Golden Beryl & Rubies 'n' Pearls. July 2007: They have now added the Mini-Flora 'Ingrid' to their collection.

John's Miniature Roses is located in St. Paul, Oregon and carry 'Amber Star' and 'Glowing Amber'. They will be adding the Mini-Flora 'Ingrid' to their collection in 2008.

Hortico Nurseries Inc. (Ontario, Canada) now carries 15 of my rose varieties, as of November 2005. Excellent and friendly service from management and office staff. Check out the link below to browse all of my roses on Hortico's site.

Hortico's "Roses by George Mander" Page

Bridges Miniature Roses (in North Carolina, U.S.A. and of my roses, they only carry Glowing Amber)

George Mander
February 2013

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