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'Amber Star'
A Sport of 'Glowing Amber'

Name: ‘Amber Star’, Mander 1999
‘Brittany’s Glowing Star’ in Canada only
Type: Miniature, ob
Parentage: Sport of ‘Glowing Amber’
Introduced: In Canada by Select Roses in 2000 and in the USA by the Mini Rose-Garden in 2000.
Blooms: Amber orange/golden yellow bicolor, 35 petals, dia. 6 cm, very good exhibition form.
Fragrance: Slight.
Foliage: Medium, medium green and semi glossy.
Disease Resistance: Above average. It can go at least 1 month without spraying a fungicide.
Winter Hardiness: Average, to zone 5.
Plant Size: Very vigorous, from 50-60 cm tall and 30-40 cm across on the west coast. Reports from California put it up to 90 cm tall (3 feet) and 45-60 cm across.
Flowering Period: Blooms continuously until the first frost.
Additional Notes: Available in Canada and the U.S.A. See my Nursery Links for details.

This rose has all the characteristics of 'Glowing Amber' and only the color has changed. In cool and cloudy weather and in the greenhouse, blooms open amber/orange on the inside with yellow at the base and a golden yellow reverse that becomes pink/cream when fully open. In hot and sunny weather the amber/orange becomes more of a salmon/yellow.

This is the sport of 'Glowing Amber' which I referred to under 'Super Sun', which in turn is a sport of 'Piccadilly', HT,rb, McGredy, 1960.

The most interesting part of this story is that 'Piccadilly', 5 generations back, has the identical bicolors of 'Glowing Amber.' Let us now go back 40 years and 5 generations from Amber Star (Min, 1999) to:

# 1 - Glowing Amber (Min, 1996)
# 2 - Rubies 'n' Pearls (Min, 1992)
# 3 - MANpurple (HT, 1991)
# 4 - Super Sun (HT, 1967)
# 5 - Piccadilly (HT, 1960)

For a more detailed story about 'Amber Star' see article : A New Sport Star on the articles page.

George Mander
January 2003


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