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'Canadian White Star'
My first rose to be introduced.

Name: ‘Canadian White Star’, Mander 1980
(U.S. Plant Patent No. 5852)
Type: Hybrid Tea, white
Parentage: ‘Blanche Mallerin’ x ‘Pascali’
Introduced: My first rose registered and introduced in 1985 in Canada and 1987 in the USA.
Blooms: The whitest of all whites, 40-45 petals, excellent exhibition form. dia. 12 to 15 cm. (5-6 “) record bloom diameter was 7” locally. Opens very slowly, but does not produce a large number of blooms.
Fragrance: Slight.
Foliage: Medium size, leathery, very dark green and glossy.
Disease Resistance: Extremely good. Can go for 2-3 month without spraying. It ranks amongst a few dozen of the most disease resistant HT’s in the world.
Winter Hardiness: Well above average for HT’s, to zone 5-6.
Plant Size: Up to 180 cm tall, (6 feet), very upright growth.
Flowering Period: Blooms continuously until the first frost.
Additional Notes:

Read "Canadian White Star Story" and more about its disease resistance.

Available in Canada at Hortico Inc. See my Nursery Links for details.

George Mander
February 2003


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