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'Glowing Amber'
My BEST rose in 33 years of hybridizing.

Name: Glowing Amber, Mander 1996
Type: Miniature, rb
Parentage: ‘June Laver' x ‘Rubies 'n' Pearls’
Introduced: Introduced: in Canada by Select Roses in 1996 and in the USA by the Mini-Rose Garden in 1997. Also introduced in England in 1999/2000.
Blooms: Scarlet red with a deep yellow/golden reverse and yellow center, 35 pet. 6 cm diameter, with top exhibition form. Blooms mostly single or in small clusters.
Fragrance: Slight.
Foliage: Medium leaves, dark green and glossy.
Disease Resistance: Above average. It can go at least 1 month without spraying a fungicide.
Winter Hardiness: Average, to zone 5.
Plant Size: Very vigorous, from 50-60 cm tall and 30-40 cm across on the west coast. Reports from California put it up to 90cm tall and 45-60 cm across.
Flowering Period: Blooms continuously until the first frost etc.
Additional Notes: Available at many nurseries in Canada and the U.S.A. Also see Nursery Links on my Links page.

Detailed Description

'Glowing Amber' is a very prolific, vigorous bush that is easy to grow. Plant height here on the west coast about 50 to 60cm, and about 30 to 40cm across. Although my reports from California indicate 3 feet or 90cm high and roughly 18 to 24 inches across (45 to 60cm).

Disease resistance is above average as Glowing Amber (and all other roses of mine introduced!) can go at least a month without spraying a fungicide. About 90% of all other roses on the market have to be sprayed at least every 10 to 14 days to keep mildew and blackspot under control.

As far as blooms and flowering period goes, Glowing Amber repeats very fast and is always in bloom until the first frost. The blooms have elegant high centres that give it great exhibition potential. The 'star-shaped' blooms open very slowly, even in 38 degree C (100 degree F) heat as reported from Arizona. Blooms are very rain resistant, more than most other roses.

Here is a report from California, where it does not rain very much: "I have just recently discovered, that 'Glowing Amber' does not mind the rain, like a duck in the water."

Glowing Amber is one of the top exhibition roses in the world and has won hundreds of trophies in the last 6 years in Canada, the USA and in England. I have won 50 trophies myself in Canada and the USA. Here in the Pacific N.W. it is now the No.1 exhibition rose and in other parts of the USA, it is rated No.3 & 4.
Since it's debut in England in 1997, there too, it is one of the top three exhibition miniature roses, and in 2000 and again in 2001, it won "Best Miniature Exhibit in Show" at four different shows.

At an English show, some visitors were asking, "Is that a porcelain rose?" (artificial) because of its brilliant color combination. Some english judges remarked, "You have to have Glowing Amber in order to win!!!"

Glowing Amber is also a "very good garden rose" as it ranks #4 to #5 now, out of about 80 to 100 miniature rose varieties carried by most miniature nurseries in the USA. It produces very long and straight stems, ideal for cut flowers to display indoors.

George Mander
January 2003


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