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of 'Glowing Amber' and other Minis


Link to report on Glowing Amber on Paul Barden's website.

Two Reports from England

Winning Blooms 2000 by Mike Thomson (2000 British Report - excerpt only)

There is no doubt the most widely shown miniature in 2000 was "Glowing Amber". Everyone seems to be showing it. The exhibits I saw of it at the National Show for Miniatures, in particular, was outstanding. Its a deep crimson with a gold reverse, and a absolute perfect hybrid tea shape. "Golden Beryl" was another mini that was evident at lots of shows.

Below is another excerpt, from a later report by Mike

To this day, few of the British Rose Trade have taken up the option to stock these new roses. One grower who has stocked these roses, 'Battersby Roses' have found a niche in the market. Some of these new roses look [like] good bets for showing. A sport of 'Glowing Amber' called 'Amber Star' (Yellow and orange fleck) is every bit as good as the parent. 'Amber Sunset' bred from 'Glowing Amber' by the breeder George Mander.

Mike Thomson

Correction to above report: 'Amber Sunset' is not bred from 'Glowing Amber' but it has the same parents as 'Glowing Amber.' --George Mander

Your rose ‘Glowing Amber’ wins prizes whenever it is shown at our Shows and I am sure you are very proud of it. I have three bushes myself but they are very young and I have not yet used the blooms.

Jean Coleman
Newsletter Editor and Show Secretary West Midlands Rose Society, NE. England (excerpt only)

Several reports from the USA

From: "Mif and Betty Clausen" Northern Illinois, U.S.A.


I spent last evening gracing your website. It is one of the better websites on roses. Thank you for making this site available. I live in northern Illinois and grow around 350 roses about one half miniatures and one half all types big roses. Our garden consist of 12 ‘Glowing Amber’ miniatures and believe me a favorite among all. My Glowing Amber’s are very vigorous, growth 3 feet in height and beautiful clean foliage. Most of the blooms are faultless. Many of our visitors comment on the unique bloom color. We experience a tough winter last season and a dry 2001 summer yet these cultivars just kept producing during the growing season. We have now added ‘Amber Star’ and it done very well for the first season. Thank you for placing great cultivars on the market for us rose nuts.

From southern California, U.S.A.

As I said before, I really appreciate your plants for all their abilities. I get so tired of all the new Minis that come out and mildew something awful. Have learned to stay away from them. Please keep me posted. As you know I have always loved your roses for their beauty, exhibition form and ability to stay clean, even in my So. California Coastal Climate.

All my best, Lillian Biesiadecki

Hi George,

How nice to hear from you. I met you briefly at the Seattle convention some years ago. I absolutely LOVE ‘Glowing Amber’. It bloomed late for me this year - really was just coming into bloom when I selected 3 stems to take to the Conta Costra R.S. Rose Show. They were all perfect blooms. The best one, of course, won the Miniature Queen. I do not have your ‘Amber Star’ - I don't know where to order it. I was hoping to see it listed in some of the catalogs I receive.

Jolene Adams, ARS Webmistress, California.

Hi George,

Spring is busting out all over down here and so are your roses. Glowing Amber and Amber Star are both star performers, now in their 3rd season and really maturing into terrific plants. They are super healthy and are putting on a great show that's just starting.

Best regards, Dan Tyson , Moorpark, Calif.

George Mander
January 2003


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