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My first Mini-Flora and my latest Canada & USA introduction in 2005/2006.

Name: 'Ingrid', Mander 2005
Type: Mini-Flora/Patio, rb
Parentage: ‘Hot Tamale' x ‘Rubies 'n' Pearls’
Introduced: In Canada & the USA in 2005/2006
Blooms: Dark red inside of petals, 25 to 30 petals, dia. 8 cm, high centre exhibition form.
Fragrance: Moderate.
Foliage: Medium, dark green and glossy.
Disease Resistance: Above average. It can go at least 1 month without spraying a fungicide etc.
Winter Hardiness: Average, to zone 5.
Plant Size: From 60 to 90 cm tall and 40 - 45 cm across.
Flowering Period: Blooms continuously until the first frost.
Additional Notes: Available in Canada and the U.S.A. See my Nursery Links for details.


In June 2005, the registration was accepted by the IRAR. Introduced in Canada 2005/06 at Hortico and Select Roses. In the US it was introduced by Nor’East Miniature Roses in May of 2006.

First time exhibited at the Vancouver, BC Rose Society Annual Rose Show, June 11, 2006, ’Ingrid’ wins: BEST Mini-Flora in Show. This is called "Queen" of Mini-Floras in the USA.

This Miniflora/Patio rose may be the BEST of my latest hybrids & may possibly be better than my BEST so far, the mini 'Glowing Amber' which, incidentally, has the same pollen-parent as "Ingrid'. It is also the most vigorous rose in 36 years of hybridizing. After 5 seasons of testing it in my own yard I have finally send budwood to Hortico and to Holland in 2004. I myself have not found anything negative about this rose, except that it has a lot of thorns! Here a direct link to ‘Ingrid’ at HelpMeFind Roses.

George Mander
September 2006


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