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'Important Parents of my Roses'

Pascali’ is the pollen parent of 'Canadian White Star' and 'Shades of Pink' This rose is very well known and does not need an introduction. I used it a lot in my first 15 years of working with HT’s and Floribundas. My first success with ‘Pascali’ came in the early seventies with ‘Blanche Mallerin’ (white HT) to produce my first rose introduced in the eighties, the ‘Canadian White Star’. Up to the late seventies I used ‘Pascali’ extensively on ‘Robin Hood’ (HMsk). Over several years I made thousands of crosses on ‘Robin Hood’ and only produced one Floribunda, the ‘Shades of Pink’ in hundreds of hours of work. For more ‘Robin Hood’ information see “Shades of Pink” page.

Pink Meidiland’, S pb, Meilland 1984, produced my second floribunda, ‘Scarlet Pearl’ in 1993 with an unnamed HT seedling as pollen parent. See ‘Scarlet Pearl’ page.

Mount Shasta’ Gr. w, Swim & Weeks 1963, is another seed parent on which I did close to a thousand crosses in the seventies. Out of hundreds of (lousy) seedlings produced, only one HT seedling was worth keeping. With ‘Super Sun’ as pollen parent, it has a purple/cream bicolor. I named it ‘Manpurple’ (registered code name). When trying to trace back both parents, to find out where the purple came from, I came to a dead end. For more information see the  ‘Super Sun’ & ‘Manpurple’  pages.

Rise 'n' Shine’ my, Moore 1977, was the very first miniature rose that I bought. In 1988 I budded it onto a tree rose and in 1989 I had 105 blooms on it and pollinated every one with ‘Manpurple’. Finally, after 15 years of trial and error the purple/cream bicolor came through. For more information see the ‘Manpurple’ & ‘Rubies’n’Pearls’ pages.

'June Laver’ dy, Laver 1989, has been my best miniature seed sarent by far, using ‘Rubies’n’Pearls' as pollen parent in thousands of crosses in the nineties up to the present. It has produced my best roses in over 30 years of hybridizing. For more about ‘June Laver’ see the ‘Rubies’n’Pearls’ & ‘Golden Beryl’ pages.

For any reference to the above mentioned rose varieties, see “MODERN ROSES II”, or go to the and/or HelpMeFind Roses web sites.

George Mander
February 2003


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