'Golden Beryl'
My Second Miniature Rose

Name: ‘Golden Beryl’ , Mander 1995
Type: Miniature, yb
Parentage: ‘June Laver x ‘Rubies 'n' Pearls’
Introduced: In Canada by Select Roses in 1995 and in the USA by the Mini Rose-Garden in 1997.
Blooms: Deep yellow, brushed orange inside of petals, 25 petals, dia. 6 cm, exhibition form.
Fragrance: Slight.
Foliage: Medium, dark green and glossy.
Disease Resistance: Above average. It can go at least 1 month without spraying a fungicide etc.
Winter Hardiness: Average, to zone 5.
Plant Size: From 35 to 40 cm tall and 20 - 30 cm across.
Flowering Period: Blooms continuously until the first frost.
Additional Notes: Available in Canada and the U.S.A. See my Nursery Links for details.


It is a yellow blend whose color depends on the weather. In cool weather it is a clear yellow but in warmer, sunny weather, the yellow is brushed with tinges of orange to orange/red. Medium sized blooms with heavy petal substance and excellent form. Plant habit is bushy and compact with very clean, shiny foliage. Not as winter hardy and mildew resistant as 'Rubies'n'Pearls'. This was the result of my first experimental crosses with 'June Laver' in 1992-93. When I saw great potential in this parent combination I went all out and bought 55 more June Laver plants to use as seed parents, all grown in 2 gallon pots.

I took early retirement at age 61 in order to have more time for hybridizing. I then increased my number of crosses to 1000, from a previous annual average of 200 to 300. My primary goal was trying for a purple/gold bicolor in minis - which, after 10 years of effort, was still eluding me. I was wondering if 'June Laver' could improve the form of 'Rubies 'n' Pearls' and maybe 'Rubies'n' Pearls' could add some stem size to 'June Laver'?

Bingo! My idea worked and the first success was a rose I introduced as 'Golden Beryl' (MANberyl). It has good form, vigour and stem size, more so than 'June Laver's but its form and vigour could still use improvement.

Check out several photos of 'Golden Beryl' in the Miniature Gallery. 'Golden Beryl' is available in Canada and the U.S.A. at a variety of different nurseries.

Next came the rose which I consider my BEST ever : 'Glowing Amber'

George Mander
January 2003