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'Scarlet Pearl'
My Second Floribunda

Name: ‘Scarlet Pearl’ , Mander 1993
Type: Floribunda, rb
Parentage: Pink Meidiland x HT seedling
Introduced: In Canada by Christie Nursery Ltd. in 1993.
Blooms: Bright red, with white eye & white reverse, dia. 3 inch. Single, 5 petals. Darker red then ‘Pink Meidiland’s’. Clusters of 15 - 30. See 5 bloom photo in my Floribunda Gallery.
Fragrance: Light.
Foliage: Very heathy, dark green, glossy.
Disease Resistance: Excellent, have never seen mildew nor blackspot on my plants in years. Will go for months without spraying.
Winter Hardiness: Average, to zone 5.
Plant Size: Bushy, very low growth to 70 - 90 cm, (30 - 36 inches)
Flowering Period: Repeats until the first frost.
Additional Notes:

‘Scarlet Pearl’ grows very well on own root and also roots fast. Also see Brad's comments below.

Only available in Canada. See my Nursery Links for details.

Brad Jalbert’s descriptions:

‘Scarlet Pearl’ ---Shrub Rose---
Flower : Bright red, single (5 petals) with white eye. Clusters of wonderful “Wild Rose” looking flower.
Fragrance : Light.
Growth habit : Vigorous and bushy. Great for mass planting.
Foliage : Dark green, glossy and healthy.
Comments : Another wonderful landscape rose for any garden. This one was hybridized by my friend George Mander of Coquitlam, B.C. It is one of the toughest roses and very easy to grow. The flowers are born in waves all summer long and can even be used as a cut flower. Highly recommended as a low maintenance landscape shrub for mixed beds or hedges.

Note: Brad Jalbert is the owner of the local Miniature Nursery, “Select Roses” located 50 Km east of Vancouver, B.C. ( west coast of Canada) This Nursery is the first to introduce any new roses of mine.

George Mander
January 2003


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