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'Super Sun'
The "Great-Grandfather" of all my Miniature Roses

This photo shows the Hybrid Tea 'Super Sun' in colour comparison to the mini 'Amber Star'.


'Super Sun' , HT, my, 1967; flowers maize-yellow; [Piccadilly sport] Bentley. (As per MODERN ROSES XI)

This Hybrid Tea is not available anywhere in N.America, but in 1999 it was still available in England at L.W. van Geest Farms, Wykeham, Lincolnshire.

This rose gave me all colours of the rainbow, starting with 'MANpurple'.

I would not call this a medium yellow, but rather an orange/blend, as it's colours are almost identical to my 'Amber Star' (Glowing Amber sport) which was introduced in the U.S.A. in 2000, 33 years later, and 4 generations after 'Super Sun'. I acquired 'Super Sun' from England in 1971 just for hybridizing purposes. Sorry, no photo of it yet.

See related stories and photos of : 'MANpurple', 'Rubies'n'Pearls' and 'Amber Star'.

George Mander
January 2003