Josephine L. Geronimo
graphic designer/ illustrator
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 Josephine L. Geronimo
Vancouver, BC Canada

I am creatively diverse enough to do whatever I am required to do- from Illustration to Graphic Design to Body Painting to Package Design to whatever the job requires, my fave is Logo Design. My first love is doing illustration and painting. Word goes around for me to do TV Storyboards. I was an Art Director in Dubai & Philippines before becoming a Graphic Designer in Canada.

"A true artist adapts to the circumstances to which his talents are called for." - Josephine Geronimo

Best Buy/ Future Shop- Head Office
Mac Production Artist/ Graphic Designer- Burnaby, B.C.
1996 December to Presen

  • Creating multiple page flyers, newspaper ads, special projects done in a very fast-paced, fast turn-around environment

Vivid Graphics Ltd.
Illustrator/ Graphic Designer-
Vancouver, B.C.
1995 to 1996

  • To temp for a couple of days for an employee on vacation-ended up staying 18 months. Creates Shockwave animations for Web pages, Interactive kiosks onpromotional diskettes, HTML editing of the company’s Website, Greeting card designs, Logos, Print Ads, Brochures, etc

Middle East Entertainment
Multi-Media Graphic Designer
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1994 to 1995

  • TV Storyboard Illustrations, Creating Multi-media presentation and graphics with Macromedia Director, Photo retouching and a little animation

Nu Media (Print Service Bureau)
Graphic Designer-
Dubai, U.A.E.
1994 to 1994

  • Solely responsible in creating Illustrations, Logo & Identity Graphics, Posters, Layouts, Newsletters, calendars, Brochures, Print production, Below-the-line projects

Pan-Gulf Publicity
Consultant Designer -
Dubai, U.A.E.
1993 to 1994

  • Newspaper & Magazine Ads, Layout, Brochure Designs, P.O.P's, Airbrush artworks & illustrations

Art Director/ Illustrator-

Creative department, Dubai, U.A.E.
1989 to 1993

  • Interaction with the Creative director on the Visualization of a concept. Making thumbnail sketches then comprehensive layouts. Does mostly storyboard illustrations for TV Commercials, Airbrush illustrations, Print ads, Posters, Calendars, Logo designs, Package designs, Brochures, etc.

McCann- Erickson (Phils.)
Art Director-
Creative Department, Phils.
1985 to 1989

  • Responsible for Visual Concepts- making thumbnail
    sketches then comprehensive layouts to supervision during shooting & Supervising the finish artist do the final artwork until it goes for printing.
  • Does mostly storyboard illustrations for TV, Airbrush illustrations, Print ads, Posters, calendars, designs logos, Package designs, Brochures

Kenju Sensei of ATORIE SAO
Omiya-shi, Japan
1986 to 1987

Seven months total Training on arts with renowned Japanese Painter/Designer- Kenju Sensei

  • Apprenticeship on drawing Cartoon illustrations, Character designs, Environmental graphics and Mural painting on a man- made concrete wall of 3 levels measuring about 22 meters x 30 meters wide and in big Business Establishments- ie: SOGO, etc.


   Assistant Painting Art Restorer Apprentice to Mr. Angelito David- Art Restoration Scholar of Rome, Italy.
Mural Painter- One of the 3 Filipinos selected to do a mural painting in Japan.
Guest Teacher- Photography Teacher for Binangonan Fishermen.

Logo Design Competition Winner- Robson Street Business Association- Vancouver, BC. Feb. 2000
Logo Design chosen by U.A.E. President Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan- Higher Colleges of Technology-
United Arab Emirates 1991.
Grand Prize- University of the East Seal Design Competition
Second Prize- United Nations Poster-making Contest to represent the Philippines- Worldwide
Third Prize- 1984 Annual Photo documentation Contest of the Cultural Center of the Philippines

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