Roy J. Geronimo
#103-1883 East 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC.
Canada V5N 1X8

Tel/Fax: (604) 872-7043


Graduated with 4 Years
Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at University of Santo Tomas, Manila


Walt Disney Animation
Canada, Inc.
Vancouver, BC.
Assistant Animator -

1996 August to 1999 September





Studio B Production, Inc.
Vancouver, B.C.
Character Clean-Up -

1996 May to 1996 August

Burbank Animation
In-betweener &
Storyboard Clean-up

1984 to 1985


Kenju Sensei
Omiya-shi, Japan
Art Apprentice-

1986 to 1987

  • Job description:
    · Assistant Animator, Clean-Up Character, In-Between, Clean-up
- Projects for Home Videos:
1. "Beauty & The Beast" (The Enchanted Christmas)
2. "Pocahontas II" (Journey To A New World)
3. "Winnie & The Pooh" (A Valentine Special)
4. "Mickey's Christmas Special"
6. "Peter & Jane"
7. "The Little Mermaid II (Return To Sea)"

  • Job description:
    · Does Character Clean-Up, Storyboard Clean-Up, Layout Clean-Up
    - Project for Direct TV:
    1. "Savage Dragon"

  • Job description:
    · Does In-Between & Storyboard Clean-ups



  • Seven months total training on Arts with renowned Japanese Painter/ Designer- Kenju Sensei
    Did apprenticeship on drawing Cartoon illustrations, Character designs, Environmental graphics and Mural painting on a man- made concrete wall of 3 levels measuring about 22 meters x 30 meters wide and in big Business Establishments- ie: SOGO, etc.

List Of Other Projects:

Position held & their inclusive dates

"Milo's Adventure" (Show#18 & 21) Freelance Storyboard Clean-up Sept. 1999
(Atomic Cartoons)
"Corduroy" (Nelvana)
Freelance Storyboard Clean-up June 2000
"Zeta" (Warner Brothers)
Freelance Storyboard Clean-up July 2000
"What about Mimi" (
Show#19) Freelance Storyboard Clean-up August 2000
(Studio B)


Well skilled in drawing very clean, good quality lines. Patient, and very hardworking.
Adaptable to any working environment. Sincere, dedicated and always enthusiastic about busy workloads.


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