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   Advocating for our children newsletter pdf format
  When the system isn't working planning checklist
  B.C. Ministry of Education Special Needs Review report
    Research based essentials of Gifted Education Services by Dr. Karen Rogers data from U.S

Articles and news links
    Superkids documentary to air on CBC Roughcuts in Fall 2003
  Excuse us please we're Canadian  We should promote what we do here, a response to
                                                           yet another out of country conference 
  Where do we go from here?  An address to the GCABC

  Alternative schools and education sites
  BC school districts all online
  E-bus, an online education system in B.C. from the Nechako lakes school district has a
                very useful guide for parents on assessing children's progress.
  John Taylor Gatto 
  Policy sites from provincial ministries
  Online publications and manuals 
  What did you learn in school today? finding out what a child is supposed to learn each year
  Homeschooling across Canada  links to provincial regulations and resources 
  Homeschooling in New Brunswick, includes information on homschooling, including 
                                                            Montessori, Waldorf and other methods.
  Written output suggestions for Gifted Children and Visual Spatial Learners
  Western Australia's Education Department site

General links

Gifted Learning /Disabled

Links for gifted children
  Business, jobs and money
  Geography and history
  Hobbies and interests
  Study tips
  Summer camps  let us know if you have any to add to the list!
  University info
  World sites

  Advocating for our children   newsletter pdf format
  Alternative schools districts
  Finding Opportunities for your child
  How a caring adult can help a gifted child newletter pdf format
  I wish someone had told me
  Paper, lined and gridded for children with writtten output disorders
  Parent links
  Provincial Ministry of education sites
  Performance Standards Manuals  for Reading , Writing, and B.C.  Check the
                                                    Quick reference to see if students might be considered
                                                    to be exceeding the expectations (gifted?) for grade
                                                    levels from k-12.
  So my child is gifted.  Now what do I do?
  Summer programs Some Canadan  or close to the border programs
  Useful reading for parents
  What did you learn in school today?  What your child is expected to learn in their grade
  Written Output suggestions for gifted children and Visual Spatial Learners
  Young gifted children  newsletter pdf format
  Young gifted children web page format

  Young gifted children  a separate section for parents of young children
                  Is your child gifted?
                Developmental guidelines
                Keeping a journal
                   What to look for before school
                                          early school years

   Temporal proessing and written output difficulties  Elizabeth Liddle
  Teacher's tool kit for curriculum differentiation    Lanny Kanevsky
  Social difficulties of Talented Adolescents and Peer's Envy   Liné Masse
  Differentiated Model of giftedness and talent      Françoys Gagne
  Educating the Very Able: Current International Research. Professor Joan Freeman
  Bruce Shore
  Marion Porath

       Tests and assessments
    Canadian Cognitive Abilites Test (CCAT)
   How to take multiple choice tests

  A fable
  B.C. School Districts
  B.C. Ministry of Education Special Needs Review report
  B.C. performance manuals  what B.C. expects at various grades
  B.C policy manual for special needs
  Canadian resource links
  The Canadian Education Policy and Administration Network (CEPAN) lists information on 
                                                                                 Schools and Districts across Canada 
  Deeper learners, how a caring adult can help a gifted child,  newsletter, pdf format
  Gardiners multiple intelligences
  Gifted Education, a resource guide for teachers
  Gifted readers and reading instruction
  Lesson plans on the net
  Lined and gridded paper  to try with students with written output disorders 
  Online education manuals
  Safe sites for web searches
  Teaching Strategies  Dabrowski's overexcitabilities 
  What teachers of the gifted need to know about...  pamphlets from the AEGTCCBC the
                                                                 provincial teachers specialists association in B.C.
  World wide teaching links
  Young Gifted Children  newsletter, pdf format with a behaviour checklist


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