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General sites for world wide information

Hoagies Gifted  Education Page links to all types of information concerning gifted children

Advanced Development  is a journal of adult giftedness which has some volumes available in pdf format (acrobat reader)  The abstracts from their eagerly awaited volume on Spirituality and Giftedness  (vol  9) are listed here, including several concerning spiritual and psychic awareness in young gifted children. le site principal français, avec beacoup des lignes

The Council for Exceptional children presents a number of papers on gifted issues

The British National Association for Gifted Children has information on schools and programming

The National Association for Able Children in Education  (NACE) contains information for teachers and districts on the British experience of establishing programming for gifted children.  You can also link with the Research Centre for Able Pupils  at Westminster College Oxford

New The National Curriculum site for the UK has lots of teacher resources on modifying curriculum for "able" pupils.
Western Australia's Education Department has a great site with info on policy,identification, tests etc. Wish all our provinces were this connected!

New South Wales  Association for Gifted and Talented Children  publishes all kinds of world information, teaching and research links including recent  world newsclips at their site.

 The Davidson Institute webpage has a great deal of information on highly and profoundly gifted children.  As test norms differ between Canada and the US, Canadian parents of highly gifted  Canadian children should take a look at some of this information.

Accelleration information is available through A new publication A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students by Nicholas Colangelo, Susan G. Assouline, Miraca U. M. Gross 

Provincial  government sites  (if you know of any specific pages linked to gifted ed policy please let us know!)

Alberta's main education site   policy 1.62- special education and 1.61 Educational placement of students with special needs are posted here. 
Curriculum handbooks for parents produced by Alberta Education are available in Adobe Acrobat format by grade from this site

The B.C. Ministry of Education have online publications including "Gifted education a resource guide for teachers", their manual of policies procedures and guidelines for Special Education, and a "Parents guide to IEP's".
Looking for information on what your child should cover in school next year?  The Parents Handbook on School Curriculum   contains information for all B.C. grades.
More useful are the actual Integrated Resource Packages , the actual "blueprint" for curricula for all grades in B.C.   If you are wondering if your child already knows the material for next year, check out this site.

Manitoba Ministry of Education  en Français Éducation et Formation professionnelle  post a wide range of information at their main site as well as a special education home page (including their special education review) 

New Brunswick Department of Education 

Newfoundland's Ministry of Education website 

North West Territories 

Nova Scotia  has a site with a special education policy manual and a new document for gifted students Challenge for Excellence.

Nunuvut  is in the process of setting up a site here

The Ontario Ministry of Education and Training   has special education a guide for educators
Ontario Ministère de l' Éducation et d la Formation

Prince Edward Island   has a website which includes information on schools in PEI

Quebec posts some information on their English School Network and in French at the site below.
ministère de l'Éducation du Quèbec

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education posts general information 

Yukon education website

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Education links

On the Right Track:for Gifted Education, home page of Assiniboine South School Division, Manitoba.

What Educators of Gifted Learners Need to Know About . a series of reproducible pamphlets written by B.C. teachers are available from this site as well as summaries of presentations by Dr. Linda Silverman,Jeffrey Freed and Louis Breur Krause

Canadian Education on the Web   links to Canadian Educational organizations and sites.

The Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers has links to schools and resources.  all so check out the American Montessori Association

Schoolnet  (Réscole) has lots of Canadian education links.

Gifted Education in Alberta has links to parent, teacher and kid sites.

Children's literature resources for teachers

Jerome and Deborah's Big Pages of Education Links created by teachers working in northern Manitoba for students and teachers.  Does anyone know if these pages are still online?

Site d'adaptation scolaire et sociale de langue français banque d'informations sur différentes thématiques d'adaptation scolaire et sociale, dont la douance; différentes rubriques sont développées en douance dont l'état d'avancement de la connaissance, une bibliographie annotée (livres, revues spécialisées, matériel d'enrichissement), des comptes rendus et critiques, des ressources humaines et matérielles, des projets de recherche en cours et terminées, des projets scolaires au primaire et au secondaire, l'annonce d'événements, les formations offertes (créditées ou non) et les autres sites d'intérêts.

Telus learning connection from Alberta (en français aussi) is a site for parents teachers and students with hundreds of links concerning k-12 curriculum

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Parent links

Canadian Parent organizations for gifted children are listed on our parenting page.

CM is a weekly electronic reviewing journal from the Manitoba library association which reviews books, videos, and other material targeted for chidlren and young adults.

Toilberta a list of French sites and ways of learning French on the net for students of French as a second language.

Canadian Dyslexia Association  (Association canadiennne de la dyslexie)

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada  (Troubles dápprentissage assoc. canadienne

Canadian Parents for French list ways to help your child learn french.

Today's parent magazine is available online.

Canadian Homeschool resources links, booklists, sites and programs for home schoolers.

Inside the Teenage Brain  is  a great site on PBS online.   If you are dealing with a teenager, this site may save some of your relationship and your sanity.  There is lots of current brain research as well as discussions of brain development across childhood. Even includes good checklists to help establish or re-establish communication with your teen.

Maple Leaf Home education resources is a central Canadian site for individuals to post requests for used home education resources.

 Teachon is an interesting Canadian site dedicated to bringing together parents, teachers and resources on the web.  They are establishing a gifted section.

Stephanie Tolan is one of the best known writers of  fiction and non fiction articles concerning gifted children.  She writes from a parents point of view and her articles are classics for parents  check out her address to the Davidson Institute You can't do it wrong

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Gifted /Learning Disabled

Uniquely Gifted is a collection of resources for families with gifted/special needs children and the professionals who work with them.  Absolutely every possible special need which may be a question mark on your child's file can be found here, as well as stories from parents and children.

Dysgraphia is well explained with many links at psychologist Margaret Kay's website.

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Distance Education

Advanced placement online delivers online AP courses  in Canada.  South Island Distance Education School, part of the B.C. public school system (see below) is the only school in Canada offering advanced placement courses online

BC's Open University and Open College, allow students 16 yrs and up to take a variety of college-level business courses and lower-level university courses, using online conferencing technology.

Order Open Learning agency course materials (Distance ed) online.  These make great review units based on Ministry  of Ed grade requirements.  You don't need to register for the course to purchase sections of it but you will not receive credit or have access to markers or teachers.  This is a good way to find out what a distance ed course looks like and work through some projects with your child if you are considering homeschooling.

South Island Distance Education   supplies "School in a Box"  and electronic school by computer to many gifted learners in B.C. , Saskatchewan (and various places where their students are found across the globe.) They are part of a network of Distance Education centres   in B.C.

Access learning online has numerous school and college programs delivered via internet and also links to Canadian Learning Television and a number of education products for sale


 The Canadian Education Policy and Administration Network lists all School Districts in Canada,  just click on their map under information and links

Charter schools New Horizons School, Sherwood Park, Alberta and Westmount Charter Public School, Calgary Alberta focus on gifted children.

Choice School for Gifted Learners  is a day school for gifted students located in Richmond B.C.  Students can be accomodated up to age 13 (may be up to a grade 10 level)

The University of Toronto Schools is a Grade 7-OAC school that provides a unique alternative learning environment for students of exceptionally high academic ability.

The Academy For Gifted Children, Richmond Hill, Ontario, is a independent day school that provides differential programming  for gifted children, grade one through O.A.C.

Canadian Association of independent schools a site for families to research member schools.

Road College International Junior and Senior High School in Ottawa, opens September 2003 for grades 7-12; The Founder envisions a school where Gifted students are encouraged to live up to their potential, and as a result acceleration is 
viewed as a positive solution.

United World Colleges offer international programs for interested students at sites such as Lester Pearson College of the Pacific

The International Baccalaureate Organisation aims to assist schools in their endeavours to develop the individual talents of young people.  Beyond intellectual rigour and high academic standards, strong emphasis is placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.  Schools across Canada offer the program.

School Course materials.  Check the homeschooling and Distance Education links as well, we will post commercial, Canadian curriculum materials here.

Academic Edge specializes in Canadian course based study guides for elementary and high school.  They are available in some bookstores or you can order them online.

Home schooling

Canadian Home Based learning page contains links to regulations, and associations  for homeschoolers in every province

Homeschoolers guide has a good newsletter and information for homeschoolers including links for gifted students. (based in Calgary) 

Renaissance II Liberal Education Society has some fascinating alternative schooling oportunites, check out the Island Pacific Odyssey link 

Homeschooling in New Brunswick has lots of great Canadian links for other home schoolers as well as links to Montessori and Waldorf home schooling
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Summer programs

Bright Math summer camps on recreational mathematics held at Carleton University, sponsored by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Different levels are
offered.  A brochure and information are at the website.

Deep River Science Academy (DRSA) is an award-winning, six-week summer program dedicated to giving high school students genuine science and engineering research experience in the laboratories of one of our industrial Research Partners. Each pair of students is supervised by a researcher working on the staff of the Research Partner, and tutored by a university student who is the supervisor's research assistant for the summer. The research project for the student is provided by the supervisor and is part of the on-going research in the laboratory. High school students can also earn high school credits under the direction of qualified teachers.  To graduate from the academy, students are required to give a short paper on their research project to peers and other researchers, and write a report. Students live together in a relaxed, but well supervised camp atmosphere. 
The Academy has operated for over thirteen years and typically has about 70 students attending, between the ages of 13 to 18 years, with 35 university tutors. Campuses are in Deep River (Ontario), Pinawa (Manitoba) and Okanagan (BC).  A new (bilingual) campus will open in Fredericton (NB) in the summer of 2000. The program is remarkably successful with high quality research being done and students leaving enthused that the research experience has helped them in choosing a career direction and in choosing the correct courses in their later university education.  The university student tutors also benefit from the research and tutoring experience, as well as from the summer salary.
Financial assistance is available.  Students should fill out the application forms available at the DRSA website.
 More information can be obtained from or by calling the Registrar at 1-800-760-drsa.

Dinosaur Country Camp
comes recommended by a B.C. parent..."high approval rating" by my "gifted" thirteen year old, and as parents we were very pleased with the learning and good times she experienced.  It is a science theme camp run by Robin Digby, near Drumheller,  Alberta. Splendid! Rustic camping in teepees, good camper to councillor ratios, councillors are university students studying ecology, palaeontology, etc.  Surroundings are badlands
and coulees.  phone 403-822-3976  email

Leap Enrichment Program  is a summer program from the McMaster University Faculty of Engineering in Hamilton Ontario for top students in grades ten, eleven and twelve interested in engineering.  Course materials change yearly but in 2006 will include sections on Mecatronics, Biomedical engineering, Robotics and many others.

The Queen's University Enrichment Mini-Course Program provides gifted and highly motivated secondary school students with the opportunity to study a subject of their choosing at an advanced level for one week. The program provides participants with a challenging alternative learning experience at one of Canada's leading post-secondary institutions. 

TIP/Canada is a collaborative venture of the Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto and the University of Toronto Schools. The annual Talent Search offers academically talented students in Canada an opportunity to become aware of their exceptional abilities, to take part in tailored services and educational opportunities and to write the SAT1 

Shad Valley is an exciting summer program designed especially for top students in senior high school. The award-winning program is offered in Canada at eight host campuses (Waterloo, Calgary, New Brunswick, McMaster, Acadia, Carleton, UBC and Sherbrooke) 

Satori summer camp  Satori Summer Camp [] (in eastern Washington State, USA)is a week long residential or day camp for gifted junior high or senior high
school students that runs from July 20 - 25, 2003 held at Eastern Washington
UNiversity (EWU)..  Fees in 2002 were $525 US for the residential camp and
$425 US for the day camp.  Satori has been operating for 20 years at EWU
(526 - 5th St., Cheney, WA, USA, 99004-2431, ph. 1-800-999-8363). "Satori"
is Japanese for "Ah Ha!" and represents the joy of discovery and exploration
of the unknown which is the hallmark of the Satori Camp experience.

SUCCESS  summer programs from the Centre for Gifted Education at the University of 
Calgary.  Eight different  two-week programs for students entering grade four to completing grade nine.  Instructors are all either qualified teachers or individuals with PhD level 
expertise in their subjects. 


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