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General is a major list of Canadian web sites. is a world wide web window on Canadian culture. Le culture canadien aussi
Canada World Youth  lists international educational and work opportunities for Canadian youth age 17-20.  (Jeunesse canada monde en français)
Discover Teenergy is a Toronto based site with links for teens.
LéscaleSite éducatif pour les jeunes de 4 à 12 ans.
Global Heroes (aussi en français) is a bilingual site about Canadians who have experience working overseas.
Jen and Alex Donald have a homework and reference page with a huge list of links to all kinds of stuff for Canadian students
Just students has links to travel music and college and university info for Canadian Students
Gander Academy in Gander Newfoundland have set up a site for safe searching for homework topics for elementary schools

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Study tips 

Michael Tipper, Grand master of memory, has a wonderful set of pages as part of the Happy Child resource.  His pages on memory improvement and learning include Book Reviews, mnemonics, Amazing Brain, Great minds and Memory Training
This math site with puzzles and games operates in the UK. 

English Practice is great  for anyone trying to improve their English language skills or help an ESL friend.  Good info on differences in English vs Canadian slang for writers as well.

Study skills, including tips for writing papers, conducting research and writing exams are available at the U of T's Getting Good  Grades handbook

Learning skills  with tons of printable sheets on writing multiple choice exams, formatting essays, organizing study skills are online from the UVIC counselling centre.  Click on the links for lots of resources on studying or even practise exams.

Test Tips 

Strategies for taking multiple choice tests  is a site from the University of Lethbridge. If these links don't get you to the test page do a search for the titles shown, which may be archived. They also have a section on how to take tests.


Tarantulas and other bird spiders links and information on one man's  successful carreer working with his passion can be found here on Rick West's site.


Children's Literature Web Guide, compiled by David K. Brown at the University of Calgary includes online children's stories; children's book awards; online children's literature resources, resources for parents, teachers, storytellers; children's writings, drawings and links.

CM is a weekly online review for videos, books and other materials for kids operated by the Manitoba library association

KIdsWWwrite  is a monthly internet magazine site established by the Kalamalka Institute for Working Writers, (part of the Okanagan University College in B.C.)  to publish and share young writers (16 and under) work.  There are limits to the size of the work, so check the submission guidelines first.

Roald Dahl  has a website with lots of writing tips and kids word games, great illustrations too

Writers in electronic residence (wier) is an online writing program with Canadian authors that many schools subscribe to.  new is an opportunity to write your poetry online with tips from some of Canada's great poets. Search their resources for ideas to improve your writing.

Writing Resources for Students by Wordwrights Canada has lots of Canadian site links to improve your writing as well as links to legitimate writing contests. 

In2Print is a great Canadian magazine which provides a national forum for creative Canadians ages 12-20.  Four times a year they publish original works of poetry, short stories, one act plays, painting, photography, computer generated artwork, music and revues.  Subscription information is available from P.O. box 102 Port Colborne Ontario L3K 5V7

TG Magazine  ( is written by teens for teens and is forum for expressing your opinion.


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Inuktitut and other aboriginal languages (Kwakwala, Maliseet, Mohawk, Ashinabe to name a few) can be explored and heard at this government website)  The Leo Ussak school pages which teach Inuktituk (including the words to O Canada, and have links to songs and stories in Inkutitut are now archived on the Rankin Inlet school pages (   great name!)   You can also explore writing in Inkuktitut here


Ace on the case is an online game for younger students covering topics in ocean sciences

Biosite  put up by Riverview high school in Cape Breton is a great site to review high school biology topics.  Lesson plans and slides for biology are here as well is the Canadian site for the tv program (en français aussi).

Eddie the Eco dog (from manitoba) has a site concerned with science, nature and ecology.  Lots of info and interviews.

Explore your brain and how it works at this University of Washington site 

Ebiomedia is a company which specializes in educational cd's and videos for high school and college biology courses.  Their site is packed with information, experiments and data.

Great Canadian Scientists are listed and their discoveries explained here.

Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum  examines Canadian Natural History 

Let's Talk Science, is a great site designed for girls aged 7-16 who like science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the info is great for guys as well).

Ocean Link has all kinds of links and information on west coast marine life.  You can submit questions to experts, check out facts and find out about careers as well.

Ocean site  is a link to information on East Coast marine life and diving.  Click on the weblinks to find the lesson plans and information

Quebec Science  la site Cybersciences de la magazine Quebec Science

Quirks and Quarks , the web site of CBC Radio's science program has great information and lots of links.

Royal Ontario Museum

Le Museé Royal d'Ontario en français

NewScience toys you can build including rockets, steamboats and radios (the science is explained as well

Science Web from The National Research Council of Canada has lots of great links

Science World in Vancouver.

Solarbotics  (in Calgary)have a site discussing BEAM robots and selling parts and kits for building them.

Royal Tyrell museum of paleontology   is the source for Canadian Dinorsaur informations
YES Mag, is designed for kids aged 8-14. Covers science, engineering, math and technology

Vancouver Robot Club  has links to other clubs in Canada (Vancouver Island, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal.  We post it as a site to bounce to as one of its members Marc Alfonso, is a gifted individual who as a teenager, created robots for the "x files" and taught workshops at gifted conferences. 
More commercial links to robot info are found at

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Canadian Space Agency has sections for kidsspace and space Science as well as upcoming events

Canadian Space Guide  (space jobs website)  lists space related organizations on the we in Canada, provides info on Canadian space projects and carries a news archive.

Canadian space society  (Toronto)

Edmonton Space and Science Centre 

Pacific Space Centre in Vancouver.(some summer camps as well) 

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, a mainly American Association with some international chapters, including Canada.  Student space group devoted to promoting space science through elementary, high school and university students 


Alan Selby in Montreal runs a wonderful math site with appetizers and lessons for mathematics and reasoning
Alan Selby   a un site avec des leçons français pour le mathematics

Tangrams information including their history, puzzles, and how to make your own at this site by Randy Crawford

"The Mathman"aka Don Cohen has a site for anyone who likes (or fears) calculus.  He has sample programs  up from his books which use a visual approach to calculus (for students 7 and up)

This is Mega Mathematics contains the text of a book of interesting math problems and how to solve them co authored by University of Victoria Computer Science Professor Dr. Mike Fellows

Geography and History

Canadian Museum of Civilization and links to the museum of New France and the Canadian War Museum
Musée canadien des civilizations, le Musée de la Nouvelle France et le Musée canadien de la guerre.

Canadian Geographical Names and the information on their background can  be found at this site maintained by the Secretariat of the Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical names

Country reports is a site which offers basic information on countries (  map, flag, population, size etc) along with history, ethnic recipes, games etc. 

Les Noms Géographique Canadien sont ici á ce site maintenu par the Secrétariat du Comité permanent Canadien des noms géogaphique (CPCN)

Nunavut information along with info on what it is like to live in the arctic and lots of northern links and information are available from Leo Ussak School in Rankin Inlet

Our Home  the atlas of Canadian Communities  this electronic atlas lets you examine communities across Canada Notre foyer L'atlas des communautés canadiennes  cet atlas électronique est un outil qui permet à des étudients canadiens de présenter leur perception de la communauté dans la quelle ils vivent.

On this Day in Canadian History you can find out what happened in many parts of Canada

Women in Canadian History has a lot of info for research or interest

Social Issues 
Free the Children offers lots of  positive ways for kids to help the world

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Business, Jobs and Money

Career Path Adventures  is a Canadian site which helps you define career choices

Realm is a magazine designed to help you create the work you want.  It is Canadian, with lots of links to local enterprenuers, programs  etc.  Best of all it is written by youth for youth.
Sphère"est l'endrot où votre concept du travail sera recréé.  Où il n'existe aucun conflit entre la passion et la nécessité."

Edustock is a web page designed to teach you what the stock market is and how it can work for you, including a  free 20 minuted delatyed stock market simulation on the Web.  It is part of the thinkquest student designed web projects

Youth Resource Network of Canada  or youthpath(aussi en français)is a huge government site  site concerned with self assessment and aptitude tests, training, job search techniques, working overseas etc.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development has online info on starting your own business and runs camps for youth in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Most Youth links are at Planet entrepreneur, including university courses.

Katimavik is more of a lifestyle than a job and has introduced lots of youth volunteers to parts of Canada they would never have explored.

Statistics Canada has a site that gives you a chance to practise using and interpreting statistics

Streetcents  is online if your are looking for the best buy or other Canadian youth consumer info traveling abroad, life after high school)

The Edge is an online, printable booklet on finding a job or creating your own and making the most of your skills (from the Ministry of Education in Ontario.)

Sympatico has a page of links to Skills assessment and career sites (for helping you choose a career path )

Hobbies and Interests

Flightdeck  is a joint website of the National Aviation Museum and the Discovery Channel Canada.  Lots of information on planes and flight including a flight simulator 

Granville Island Museums have lots of links to model trains and model railways, including how to build track for wooden railways.  They also have a virtual tour for their model ship and railway museums

Greg's train page has extensive links for model railroads and Canadian train buffs.

The virtual Maritime museum,  (aussi en français) part of the Maritime Museum in Victoria B.C. has a great site discussing Pacific Northwest Maritime adventures, explorations and commerce.

Stuff the web site for the popular TV Ontario show has plans for bedroom basketball hoops through lava vases, mountain and mudslides, car games and locker organizer

Mutopia is a site where musicscores are free to download and distribute.  The music scores and MIDI files are typeset and created by volunteers in an effort to circulate music whose authors have given permission to the project, or classical works whose composers have been dead for more than 70 years

megapixel .net  is a great Canadian digital photography site with lots of techniques, camera discussions and photos 
 Pekka Saarinin  has a great website displaying digital photographs in Finland.  Check out the composition of his photos

The Victoria Model Ship Building Society has lots of Canadian links to building all kinds of Canadian ships, sailing models, rc models, historicial models with tips and examples 
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Studentawards is a Canadian web site which gives you access to a large database of scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, grants and other awards.  The service is free but you must register (it is supported by advertising) 
Boursetudesun site canadien, de vous permet de consulter sur-le-champ une base de bourses d'études, de recherche, de perfectionnement, de soutien et autres source d'aide financière

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) provides financial assistance and training to students studying and researching in the fields of Science and Engineering

University info

Gohigher is a resource for Canadian students planning to attend university.  It contains info on provincial exams, and lists of universities.

Braintrack offers a comprehensive listing of links to higer education in 152 countries

World sites

Happychild in the UK has great resources for children, parents and teachers (in multiple languages en français aussi Nrich math is a UK site with tons of information on interesting math problems (and lots of help to go with them)

Bizzarre stuff you can make in your kitchen all kinds of plans and discussion about how to make everything from radios thru glowing pickles and cartesian divers to hovercrafts you can ride on.

Canadianathis section is where we hope to collect odd bits about Canada

Combines in a bottle  This answers the question of what you build in a bottle when you live in Saskatchewan. 

Olive groves on Pender Island  (january 21, 2004, Pacific palate, a West coast website devoted to food, did a cbc clip on an olive grove on Pender Island in B.C.'s Gulf Islands. 

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