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In a recent interview, [Ronnie] Lane asked this author if he had ever taken acid. On being told no, Lane replied, "Well you should take some, man, especially if you're going to write my book!" -- Paolo Hewitt, The Small Faces

There might be a point to the contention in those mad-scientist movies that there are some things we were not meant to know. But what had happened to Ronnie Lane? I'd heard nothing of him for years. So I ran searches through various engines. The Web lacks discernment unless you're very specific: I found several Ronnie Lanes, including real estate salesmen (in Missouri and New York State), a Director of Corrections in Georgia, the music director of a radio station in Florida, and a rodeo horse. The most promising candidate was front man for a blues outfit called the Texas Twisters that occasionally performs in San Diego, but I had no idea if the Ronnie Lane I was after was still performing. Then I struck gold in two places: Martin Payne's highly recommended Room For Ravers, a site dedicated to the Small Faces, Ronnie Lane's first major band, and which now contains several of the published obituaries and tributes which appeared following Ronnie Lane's death, and The Austin Chronicle, a newspaper in the Texas city where Ronnie Lane lived from the mid-1980's till around 1995, and which his former bandmate Ian McLagan now calls home. And I did some off-Web research and have since found rich mines of gold, often deeply buried but no less precious: Ronnie Lane has a widespread and fiercely loyal following of great diversity. The principal sources which went into the original design of the page are listed below.


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