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Rose Moon Spiritual Centre is dedicated to personal spiritual growth for its participants, as well as service to the Earth.

Rose Moon is dedicated to the Great Goddess, and welcomes seekers and worshippers of all religions. You will find many religions within this website, with a primarily Wiccan focus.

Our mission covers all aspects of spirituality, health, well-being, and right living.

Our goal is to assist all beings to find happiness, peace, and union with the Divine.

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This website is just beginning. You will find a bit of insight into what Rose Moon Centre is all about.

And a Daily Barometer: check in to see if you are taking on the energy currently swirling around the planet.

Check the Daily Barometer for 9/11 - an intense energy field this week.


Invoking Positive Energies (includes Metta meditation)

Anyone Can Read Tarot

Soft Focus


Do It Anyway


In the future, you will find:

Articles on Health, Spirituality, Parenting, Relationships, Life's Mission, Nature, Ecology, Social Issues, New Science, & much more.

Inspirational Quotes and Poems, Affirmations, & Prayers.

Songs, chants, & mantras.

Information on ritual, celebration, & religions.

Knowing yourself: Dreamwork, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, ....



Your ideas and input are greatly appreciated: email me here. There is lots of room for expansion. What would you find useful or inspiring?

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Please come back to see us again. Feedback, ideas?... please email me here.

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