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Greg Caldwell has lived in Kelowna, BC since the early 1990s. After experimenting with photography and multimedia two dimensional works, he has chosen to work in metal, using copper and steel as a medium. Greg employs techniques such as traditional black and copper smithing along with modern welding to produce original works of metal art.

Greg combines craftsmanship and creativity to create custom-made pieces, both functional and decorative. The abundant natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley provides much of his inspiration ... things like gnarled grapevines and elegantly shaped lillies. Greg says, "For me it is just a matter of seeing the metal come to life, to watch it change into something flowing and alive. The combination of copper and iron are ideal for capturing the local beauty of this region."

Metal art by Gorio Metal Works ... perfect for anyone looking for a unique work of art to enhance a home, office, garden, or yard. Contact us to discuss your ideas.


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