For Sale, 1945 Wooden International Dragon Class sailboat  $best offer.

This Dragon class sail boat is a blast to sail.  Fast and comfortable, you can sail her sitting or standing comfortably.  Room for comfortable camp cruising for 2.  Lovely ambiance from within and without.  Roughly 29 feet LOA and 6 foot beam.  Weight is a couple tons.

We have owned her since about '89 and she has been indoors being refit for several years now.  KC83 is the sail number and the name I think has always been Nike.  We don't know who actually built her as there is no builders plate.  1945 and Norway is the information we had from previous owner.  Construction is cedar & mahogany over oak, all bronze riveted.  Iron keel.   The boat is supposed to have been in the BC area since at least the 1960s and sailed from both Vancouver and Victoria yacht clubs. KC83 is the sail number.

**update: According to the records of the American Dragon Association, Nike is 1948 Knudsen from Denmark, originally named NIKI.  I know now way to verify that.

We sailed her for a few years for recreation and then it was time to see about some tired floors & frames.  The boat has entirely new floors in the midsection and many new frames.  All riveted, including the floors which were originally iron nails (replacing those with huge rivets were expensive, probably why they used iron originally!).  New keel bolts.  The few butt blocks the boat was built with have been replaced with scarfed in filler pieces to join the 2 planks into one.  Several plank ends scarfed with new wood where the planks had been over fastened in past.    Mostly new deck beams and new epoxy/plywood deck.  The plywood for the deck was scarfed to full length to ensure it is rigid and free from movement of any joints.  House and coming are bright, hull and deck is painted. Wooden spars, several sails, original bottom crank winches.  No trailer, no motor.  All she really needs is the mast stepped, rigged and sails bent on.  The hull is more solid and tight than it has been for generations.  Having done away with the original iron backbone fasteners, one of the major points of deterioration is eliminated.  Many of  those original iron nails were reduced to the diameter of wires, but the original rivets were still solid, hence our decision to stick with rivets for all refastening.  Every floor has been removed from the boat, and either replaced or cleaned up and refastened.  There are no iron fastenings left in the hull.

In the years we have owned her, life has changed.  My partner and I both have families now, less disposable income for moorage and less time for recreation.  He has plugged away over the years and invested literally thousands of hours.  Sadly his life takes him away from the coast and it is time to sell her.  I know we will both regret this in 10 years or so.

There is a lack of Dragons for sale to set a value.  At even minimum wage we probably have $50k+ of labor invested. 

We lost our storage and had to move Nike to Princeton BC in fall 2007.  She is loaded on a car trailer and can be delivered within BC, or we will work with you to arrange delivery further afield, export etc.   If you are interested, call Keith to arrange a visit and make an offer.  We don't want this classic to sit unused miles form the ocean.

Contact information:

Keith: (250)295-4027

Lee: (604)542-6374  lee_greenough at canada dot com

More pictures with descriptions below, most are clickable to see higher res images. All pictures taken in July, 2007.

Hull, keel and rudder.  Beautifully fair and freshly painted, ready to dry sail, or add some antifouling to keep her in the water.

New keel bolts.

Another shot of the hull, showing the clean lines of a Dragon.

Another shot of the Hull.  The Transom is varnished mahogany.

From the bow. 

A view of the doghouse.  Varnished mahogany.  Also the mast partners which are shaped so as to make it easy to fasten

a waterproof boot around the mast.  You can see the top of the chain plates, which have internal turnbuckles.

Tiller and stern deck.

The original bottom crank winches are in good shape and really work well with the layout of the cockpit. 

Most of the frames and rivets you see here are new.  (inside of the hull is a little dusty, but it will wash up nicely).

Mahogany Floorboards.  You can see one of the original lifting eyes (attached to a new keel bolt!) and in the center

you see the bilge pump handle and the place it inserts into bilge pump.  At the left side of picture is mainsheet horse.

Looking forward under the doghouse.  Dusty up here too.  2 People can sleep in here quite comfortably.

All the floors and many of the frames in this area are new, made of epoxy laminated white oak, through riveted.  Floors further forward are original,

but refastened with through rivets. Also visible are the turnbuckles for the shrouds, having them below deck keeps things

cleaner above deck for the sheets and sails.

A dusty shot under the stern deck showing the rudder post mounting and more riveted floors.

Wooden spars in good shape with mainly original fittings.  Finished bright. 

Thanks for looking her over.  Hopefully you can see what fine shape she is in.  This is a boat looking for a sailor, not a project looking for a home.  Give us a call or email if you want to know more.