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Goldstream Volunteer Salmonid Enhancement Association

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We are an organization involved in salmonid enhancement, education, and maintaining and improving where possible the number of COHO,CHUM and CHINOOK salmon available in the waters off the south easterly tip of Vancouver Island for the sports fishery, the native food fishery, and local commercial and charter operations.


It is through the hard work and dedication of the volunteers at the HOWARD ENGLISH HATCHERY, also known as the GOLDSTREAM HATCHERY, that the Goldstream River has continued to have successful salmon runs year after year. Their work may not be seen by the general public but the results of their efforts are unmistakable and enjoyed by thousands, every year. The salmon run is only a few months of the year but volunteers work tirelessly year round. Through our website, we hope to share with you what it is all about!


our operation

  1. The HOWARD ENGLISH HATCHERY on Goldstream River where we have:
    • An abundant supply of good flowing water - thanks to the co-operation of the Greater Victoria Water District.
    • A heated building that houses:
      1. a) an incubation room where the fertilized salmon eggs are kept undisturbed in banks of Heath trays until they hatch as alevin. Their conspicuous yolk sacs are almost completely absorbed or "buttoned up" after approximately 4-5 months, depending on water temperature (Our capacity is about 1.5 million eggs).
      2. b) a work area or "wet lab" where several fish culture related activities are performed. This area also doubles as a classroom, a meeting room, and a coffee room.
    • A roofed in rearing area where, once free of their yolk sac, the now free swimming fry are held in aluminum "Captroughs" (Capilano Troughs). Feeding is accomplished mainly by automatic feeders. These feeders however have to be filled and looked after regularly.
    • Two large outdoor 40 ft. raceways or "mega troughs" where the smolts are fed by hand.
    • Several covered 12' fiberglass, self cleaning, round rearing tanks; which also hold the adult males & females in the fall as we wait for them to ripen prior to collecting their gametes (eggs and sperm).