Handcast Sandcast Giftware and Artworks

These are unique, sandcast, functional art castings that I make.

Some of the items you will see have already been sold.

These are pretty much all unique pieces, as the pattern is destroyed

in the process of pouring the mold.

The metals I use are : Aluminum, ZA-12, Bronze .

I use sand molds, and for the patterns I use wood or styrofoam.

Casting is?

Casting is the process of heating metal in a crucible until it melts,

and then pouring it into a mold. Once the metal has cooled, it is

removed from the mold and cleaned. It is then sandblasted and

or sanded, buffed, polished or highlighted at which point it is

ready for painting. A durable clearcoat application finishes the process.

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These are a rather unique collection of *Clocks.

I use wood patterns for most of these clocks, so I can reuse the pattern.


A very different style of *Crosses.

These are mainly done with a styrofoam pattern and are therefore "One of a Kind"

However a couple are done in wood patterns.


You've never seen anything like this! *Candleholders

Once again, each one is unique as the styrofoam is melted away by the molten metal!


Somewhat reminiscent of clay vases, theses vases being cast in metal, afford the owner

the luxury of using very long or heavy stemmed flowers or other, as they will not

readily tip over! * Vases Another collection of absolutely unique items!


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