The Price Range on the clocks is typically between $40 and $75.

The clocks with a "Br" in the description are done in bronze.

The remainder of the clocks are cast in ZA-12, which is similar

to cast iron in many ways , but has a lower melting point.

These clocks are cast using a wooden Master pattern, as such

they can be reproduced in multiples, with different colors.

The sizes are approximately 4" and 6" on the round clocks

and 5" for the square ones.

CkBr01 Delta Clock CkBr02 Ck01 Ck02 Cross Clock Ck03 Ck04 Roman Clock Ck05 Music Note Clock Ck06 Sun Clock CkBr09 Classic Clock Ck08 Hockey Clock Ck10 Clock

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