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Photo Date Description
2005 April The snow-capped North Shore mountains form a spectacular backdrop for no. 2929 as it climbs up Alma Street on a sunny April afternoon in 2005
2005 April A northbound Flyer approaches the intersection of Cambie Street and 28th Avenue, skirting the western edge of Queen Elizabeth Park
2003 November No. 2707 passes through the Chinatown Arch on a bright autumn day
2003 April Sporting new yellow and blue livery, no. 2660 whirrs along Dunbar Street near 20th Avenue on its way downtown
2003 April Poles and wires at the 41st Avenue depot form geometric shapes against a blue sky
2002 September Passengers prepare to board no. 2813 at Cambie & Broadway
2002 September No. 2899 turns north on Blanca at 10th on its way downtown from the University of British Columbia
2002 July Transit Loop, University of British Columbia