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Ogden Shops,Calgary, Alberta

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The Ogden Shops is located on Ogdendale Road at the intersection of 69th. Avenue and Ogden Road in South East Calgary.
Upon entering the yard, visitors have access to hard hats and safety glasses at the main entrance, as all of the buildings enforce the wearing of such safety equipment. Visitors are also reminded to stay within the yellow floor lines in each shop. Anyone entering the yard after 4 p.m. or on weekends, will have to contact the security guard to open the front gate via the phone at the sliding gate.
The Canadian Pacific Police provides security for employees and protection of company assets at Ogden Shops, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

View Front Entrance

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History of Ogden Shops

(1) Air Brake Shop (5) Adminstration Office (9) Maintenance of Way
(2) Wheel Shop (6) Main Gate (10) Materials Department
(3) Locomotive Shop(7) Steel Car Shop(11) Power House
(4) Maintenance Shop (8) Paint Shop (12) Health Center


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