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So here I am for all to see, adding my two bits to the information glut in the Agorheta. The Agorheta? It's from the Greek words agora (market) and rhetora (talk, or debate). That's how I imagine the Internet, a vast market square full of hustlers, idlers, merchants, philosophers and gawkers. Most of the people you meet here will be good folk. But just like the Athenian agora, or the Celtic market fair, it has its share of con-artists, thieves and unsavoury characters. Sadly, there are a few outright criminals.

What you find here may annoy you. It may amuse you. I don't really care whether you rage or you giggle. Just so long as you think about what you see. There are only two acts that I count as sins. One is to wilfully hurt someone. The other is to blindly follow without thinking.

So welcome! Wander about and examine the wares. Keep your hand on your purse, don't let the children get too far away and keep a sharp dagger near to hand. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, but most of all, enjoy!


Books just wanna be FREE! See what I mean at Bookcrossing.
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Some Additional Interests

I've been a photographer, both professional and amateur, most of my life. Check my Gallery to see some of my work.

Hunting hot springs is one of my favourite activities. Check here to see my favourites.

I'm a licensed Amateur (Ham) Radio operator - VE7MHJ. When time permits, I get on the air on the two meter band. In the future, I hope to be active with packet radio and APRS. Check here for some radio links.

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and others. (I'm a definite INFP.) Check here for more personality tests and psychometric links.

Privacy on-line. Links to resources and my PGP keys.

The cats we share the house with.

Also, here are some other interesting sites you may like to take a look at.

To see other websites geographically near me, try the GeoURL link.



Please visit my feedback page and tell me what you think of this website. Your feedback serves two purposes. First, notes from visitors are one of my main directors for web surfing. And secondly, I'm constantly trying to improve this site and would like to hear your suggestions.

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