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Map of Canada    Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 2002

Senators and Members  Find the Member of Parliament for your riding

Contact the Prime Minister! Tell Brian Harper what you think...
The PM's web site

E-mail the Prime Minister

Environment Canada Satellite Images Weather satellite images for eastern and western Canada.

MSC - The Meteorological Service of Canada. Weather and climate information for all of Canada.

CBC/SRC The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and it's Francophone counterpart, the Societe Radio Canada, form Canada's public broadcasting service. Their role is to provide news, information and entertainment to all Canadians, in both official languages. This website has information on CBC's radio, short-wave, television and Northern Service broadcasts.

CBC Radio Canada's National radio service. Addresses and information for many CBC programs.

Radio Canada International Short wave radio broadcasts to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and to South America. RCI broadcasts in various languages as well as english. Canadian's abroad, especially Canadian Peacekeepers, as well as those interested in Canadian affairs are RCI's target audience.

Speaking of Peacekeepers, most folks don't know that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been important participants in may UN operations.

Canadian Geographic The magazine of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Ottawa, in Ontario, is Canada's national capital.
          City of Ottawa - Civic government site
          Ottawa Plus - Entertainment, shopping and services in Ottawa

The Canadian Space Agency Information on projects such as the CanadArm, MOPPIT and RADARSAT. Also, biographies of Canadian astronauts Chris Hadfield, Marc Garneau and Julie Payette.

National Research Council of Canada Technical and scientific resources from the National Research Council.


For more information, try Yahoo Canada.




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