Meager Creek


Meager Creek - 2001

Soaking pool with changing room

Soaking pool by Meager Creek

Debris Flow - 1999

Debris flow

Debris flow at Capricorn Creek

Up Capricorn Creek

Looking up Capricorn Creek


Meager Creek Hot Spring
GPS Co-ordinates (WGS84)
N50.57548 W123.46486

The good news is that Meager Creek is once again accessible by road. The washout caused by the 1999 debris flow has been cleared and stabilized and you can now drive to within a few hundred meters of the springs.

But the area is still very active geologically, so it's best to check with the Forestry Service to make certain of the state of the access road before setting out.

The springs are being managed as a recreational area by an independent contractor. There's a nominal $5 fee for day use, for which the contractor keeps the site clean and repaired. Also, the site is now restricted to day use only. No-service camping space is available nearby and a serviced campsite is planned for the future. Given the rowdy parties that were a regular feature of the site when it was uncontrolled, the changes are definitely an improvement.

Because the are is readily accessible, you'll find a mix of clothed and unclothed bathers. Please be respectful of the other users.

B.C. Forest Service The BCFS description of Meager Creek

Toby Haynes Personal page with pictures and descriptions of Meager Creek

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