Photography has always been a hobby for me. Sometimes it's been a living. I've worked with just about every format from 16mm sub-miniatures up to 8x10 view cameras. Now, I'm covering both ends of the technology scale and working with a Busch-Pressman flatbed 4x5 as well as a Canon S30 digital. I love the sensuous feel of working with the B-P, as well as the instant gratification of the digital.

After shooting with the B-P, the 4x5 negatives are either scanned to CD-ROM or printed. Usually, I work in black & white and take advantage of the large(r) format for big prints. Digital files (from the Canon or scanned negatives) are manipulated with PhotoShop.

Here are some of my favourites. You can see more in my online albums.

Snowey Vancouver

 It doesn't snow often in Vancouver. When it does, it's an event!

27 January 2002

Trout Lake 1
Trout Lake in Hendry Park

27 January 2002

Trout Lake 2
Trout Lake again

27 January 2002

Buddhist Door
The Buddhist Door courtyard

27 January 2002

McSpadden Park
McSpadden Park

Each summer, Trout Lake is the site of the Illuminaries festival.

Buddhist Door website

In spring, these cherry trees are pink with blossoms.

City Scenes

For Vancouverites away from home...

27 October 2001

Pender Street
Pender Street

21 January 2002

Vancouver Sun Tower
Sun Tower

27 October 2001

Dominion Building

27 October 2001

Two centuries
Two centuries

Vancouver Library

In 1995, the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library was moved from its old location at Robson and Burrard to a striking new building on Georgia street. Designed to echo a classic Roman style, the VPL Main Branch is a landmark in downtown Vancouver. A favourite of the film industry, it's appeared as a backdrop in films such as The 6th Day and Mr. Magoo.

Flags at the Georgia St. entrance

VPL concourse
The Concourse

VPL south
The south entrance

VPL columns
Columns at the south entrance

VPL movie
Filming Ecks vs Sever


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