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It may be only my perception, or it may be real, that a miasma of anonome saturates modern, "western", life. The friends, familly and associates that used to mirror our image have become distant and few. Isolation (especially behind a computer screen) is a fact of life for most people.

On the other hand, even with reliable mirrors, the image others reflect back is coloured by their perceptions and beliefs. Personality tests and surveys are a powerful and accurate way to know ourselves. Understanding yourself is a big step towards wholeness and integration.

And sometimes, it's just plain fun...

The Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory

The Keirsey Homepage with an on-line MBTI test as well as descriptions of the various Personality Types.

A listing of MBTI personality types.

A detailed description of the INFP personality type.

The different learning styles of the different types.

A description of how different types react to stress.

Kingdomality - See how you would have fit in the medeval world. Knight, Bard, King or Smith - they all still exist, only the names have changed.

Personality Online - A whole range of tests, some serious, some fun. Links for MBTI and Ennigram tests as well as the Luscher Colour test.

QueenDom - Test junkie headquarters. Lots of links, lots of styles.

E-mode - I'm a Great Dane. Still not sure what it means, but Diane says it's spot on...

Personality Quiz and Personality Test - Two sites for quiz junkies. The quiz site is mostly for entertainment (though there's a lot to be learned from the "entertainment"). The test site has more serious tests that can offer good insight.

The INFP Webring


This INFP Ring Site owned by Jim Cliffe


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